Africa Down Under

Africa Down Under: It’s on my list of favourites!

I returned to the Johannesburg after a whirlwind week in Perth, Australia for the annual Africa Down Under conference – and what a week it was!

Is Zimbabwe’s gold sector an economic saviour or sinner?

The Government of Zimbabwe will be investigating what it believes to fraudulent production figures from gold mining companies in the country.
South African

Regulatory uncertainty holds back South African mining sector

The Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill has loomed over South African mining firms since 2014.

The importance of financial literacy within mining communities

Without a strong emphasis on financial literacy entrepreneurs will once again become vendors or small business owners barely making a profit.
Mining Indaba

Who will be running your future mine?

Miners must prepare their workforce today, to meet the demands of tomorrow’s digital age, or risk future growth and innovation.

Tax investment boost for the mining sector

Within the South African context, junior mining companies have been seen as too risky an investment by private equity firms and financial institutions.

A reluctant Tito Mboweni takes over from Nhlanhla Nene

Former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene, resigned to avoid exacerbating the stressed relationship between the public and private sectors.

Is sustainable post-closure mine development achievable?

In its simplest form, sustainable asset transformation means identifying business opportunities that can be sold to investors by using as much of the existing asset’s infrastructure as possible.

State capture is old news – welcome to continent capture!

China has committed to investing US$60 billion in Africa over the following three years while cancelling debt from countries struggling to repay debts.

What is the meaning of sustainable development in an unsustainable sector?

Sustainable development. These words strike fear into most hearts in the mining sector. Minings' past will indefinitely shape public view.
Smart mines

Could ‘smart mines’ be key to the unlocking of smart cities?

Cities are turning to technology to improve. If they’re to live up to this they should leverage off the model used by smart mines.

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