Mining the foundation for African economic growth

[img:Bristow%20-%20Pic%201.jpg|Randgold Resources
chief executive Mark
Bristow on-site in
West Africa
]Cape Town, South Africa --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 5 February, 2008 - For Africa to prosper from its mineral wealth it must set out urgently to use the mining industry as the foundation for the construction of its economies, says Randgold Resources chief executive Mark Bristow

Load- shedding again – but not for the mines

[img:4%20Feb%20New%20Power_0.JPG|Number Nine shaft at the
Gold Fields Driefontein
mine – one of many
affected by the current
power crisis
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 4 February, 2008 - The new week is off to a promising start in terms of the power crisis which has been disrupting the mining industry for the past ten days.

Mines start moving towards normal

[img:Jan%2031%20Crisis..thumbnail.JPG|The Implats Marula mine
– one of many in the
process of returning to
full production
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 31 January, 2008 - Most of the major gold, platinum, diamond and other mines in South Africa are in the process of ramping up production in the hope that – in the event of no change in the electricity supply situation – their output would be back to normal by the end of next week.

Mincom software for Botswana copper mine

[img:jan%2030%20Mincom_0.JPG|The Mincom office
in Johannesburg
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 30 January, 2008 - London-based international mineral and exploration company African Copper plc – tri-listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the AIM and in Botswana – has selected the Mincom Ellipse enterprise asset management software system for its Mowana Mine project in Botswana, a company announcement revealed here today.

No electricity increase to Gold Fields

[img:Gold%20Fields.thumbnail.jpg| ]Johannesburg, South Africa --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 31 January, 2008 -Gold Fields Limited has announced that the undertaking by state-owned power utility Eskom to authorise an increase in electricity load from 80% to 90% by this evening, has been temporarily withdrawn.

In a media release here this afternoon, the company said that Eskom’s halting of the increase in electricity supply was in order “to protect further frequency decay and system instability.”

MRA Safety in Deep Mining

15 - 17 July 2008
Johannesburg, South Africa

Contact: Nicolaas Loretz
Tel: +27 21 700 3500 (international) or 718 841 7109 (US)
Fax: +27 21 700 3501 (international) or 413 487 6276 (US)

iPAD (Infrastructure Partnerships for African Developments) Angola

24 - 26 March 2009
Luanda, Angola

Contact: Piera Abbott
Tel: +27 21 700 3500 (international) or 718 841 7109 (US)
Fax: +27 21 700 3501 (international) or 413 487 6276 (US)

South African mines suspend operations

[img:Jan%2028%20Mines.thumbnail.JPG|The Twin Towers at the
Gold Fields South Deep
mine in South Africa
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 25 January, 2008 - Various South African gold and other mines have started suspending operations in the wake of state-owned power utility Eskom Holdings Ltd’s warning to them to reduce their power loads to minimum levels.

Rains affecting coal production

[img:jan24%20coal_0.JPG|Coal – a critical factor
in facing South Africa’s
power crisis – is also
being adversely affected
by ongoing rains.
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- January 24, 2008 - South African coal mines run by BHP Billiton Ltd., Anglo American Plc and Exxaro Resources Ltd. are being adversely affected by ongoing rains, which are threatening to worsen the country’s already serious current power crisis, Bloomberg News reports.

KCM grinds to a halt

[img:jan24%20KCM_0.JPG|Aerial view of KCM’s
Konkola Deep site
at Shaft Four.
]Chingola, Zambia --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 24 January, 2008 - South Africa is by no means the only country with a power crisis – power failures in Zambia have disrupted the country’s copper mining operations. Production has been suspended at various mines to avoid endangering miners’ lives and damaging underground equipment.

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