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Killings and kidnapping at Banro’s Namoya gold mine

Dual-listed Banro Corporation’s Namoya gold mine in the DRC has experienced another attack on staff – bringing the total of such attacks to at least three in past 12 months.

The latest attack resulted in two fatalities and also saw four people being kidnapped.

It is believed that the two people killed were not employees of Banro but passengers that its truck drivers had offered lifts to. The hostages comprise two truck drivers and two members of the military.

As reported in 2017, the suspension of mining operations at the Namoya mine was due to the activities of local groups, which took control over certain areas along the sole supply road to Namoya and shut down transit.

The impact of those activities resulted in the depletion of essential operating stock and supplies, leading to the temporary suspension of mining operations at Namoya.