Measuring and process technology specialist Schenck Process Africa, a division of the Schenck Process Group, is at the forefront of research into a variety of condition-based monitoring and analysis technologies for vibrating machinery.

The importance of condition monitoring

The company is leveraging the international experience gained from its global network of operations to better service the African mining industry and has resultantly introduced a number of condition-based monitoring and analysis tools for vibrating machines.

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“We have realised that customers are not only focusing their operational and maintenance efforts on traditional business strategies, but are also now including condition-based data and the analysis thereof into their plant operation and maintenance philosophies,” explains Schenck Process Africa MD Willem Kempen, noting that adhering to the maintenance requirements of vibrating machines is important in prolonging the lifespan of the machine.

He adds: “Since the majority of vibration monitoring and analysis tools available on the market today are primarily focused on bearing condition, we have gone one step further in our range of condition-based monitoring and analysis equipment to include tools for the monitoring and analysis of the complete vibrating machine, as opposed to only focusing on the bearings of the exciters in the vibrating machine.

Becoming digitally savvy

In line with the global move toward digital transformation and innovation and in response to the burgeoning Fourth Industrial Revolution, Schenk Process Africa has invested in the latest communication protocol to allow data to be collected and used in a more meaningful way, such as the analysis of machine trends to help better understand the available useful life of vibrating machines.”

“Further to the monitoring and communication of vibrating machine data, our vast experience in vibrating screen performance allows us to analyse and interpret this data in such a way that the customer is able to have better visibility of process performance as we as of the vibrating screen condition at any given time and any maintenance or repair requirements,” says Kempen.

In a bid to optimise processes and results for its customer with its state-of-the-art solutions to the many process challenges in the mining industry, Schenck Process Africa has also upgraded its range of weighing controllers to include the latest software and hardware available on the market.

Due to the growing scarcity of trained and experience operational and maintenance staff, coupled with the advances in technology, Schenck Process Africa encourages its mining industry clients to embrace and successfully combine the technologies offered by suppliers with their internal data acquisition and processing systems.