Albert Yuma-Mulimbi, president of the board of directors of Gécamines

The DRC’s state-owned mining company Gécamines has commenced with the restructure of its business as part of a transformation plan to bring the company back to a state of growth and profitability.

The company’s transformation plan, first announced in June this year by Albert Yuma-Mulimbi, president of the board of directors of Gécamines, officially started this Tuesday, promising excellent prospects for Gécamines.

This reform is based on two main principles:

  • An organisation chart positioned around decentralised management, and based on a logic of empowered, integrated and autonomous productive units (Business Units).
  • The management is opened to younger executives promoted mainly within the company and thus allowing current employees to use their best practice and knowledge of the company.

The company also states will not proceed with any employee dismissals.

However, greater functional mobility will be needed to ensure a better allocation of the workforce to the needs of the company. Some employees included in the operational reserve will have the opportunity to be redeployed in new jobs in future projects specific to Gécamines or those of partners.

Led by EY, the international consulting firm, a world-class consulting organisation, the restructuring of the company will be implemented progressively, according to a timetable predicting its “operationality” by the end of 2018.

To implement these vital changes, the board of directors has already made a series of appointments of new directors and adopted a new organisational chart.

Thanks to this reform, Gécamines will now have an adapted structure to the new standards of the mining industry.