Kore Potash
Kore Potash

Kore Potash has announced the approval of a licence for the transhipment of potash and the discharge of waste brine in a dedicated offshore area.

The Maritime Authorisation approved by the Minister of Transport, Civil Aviation and Merchant Marine of the Republic of Congo was issued to Kore Potash on 6 September 2018.

The Authorisation covers the Kola, Dougou and Dougou Extension projects, is valid for 25 years and renewable for the life of projects.

The Maritime Authorisation is an important licence for Kore Potash as in addition to approving the optimum location for the transhipment of potash onto ocean going vessels it also permits the use of ocean water for waste brine dilution and, combined with other licences, ocean disposal of the waste brine.

The company has completed an environmental impact assessment for waste brine disposal for which the company anticipates approval by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment later this year.

A Project Agreement covering the detailed design and construction of the offshore infrastructure will be developed between Kore Potash and the Merchant Marine Authorities after the completion of the Definitive Feasibility Study for the Kola project.

“The license to operate the transhipment activities is one of the key approvals required for the development of the Kola project and permission to build and operate a dedicated jetty is vital to optimising the operating costs of the project,” comments Kore Potash CEO, Brad Sampson.