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Lucapa starts processing with XRT technology at Lulo

The XRT technology and larger screens will, as part of the new coarse recovery stream at the 150 tph diamond plant, provide the capacity to recover individual diamonds of up to 1 100 carats. What is more, is that the new technology is also more effective for the recovery of higher-quality, low-luminescing Type IIa stones.

Lulo began stockpiling all oversize material in February following the recovery of a record 404 ct diamond, which sold for $16 million.

Lucapa CEO Stephen Wetherall said the commissioning of the new XRT circuit represents a new phase in the development of the Lulo diamond project: “We have seen what the implementation of this XRT technology delivered for Lucara (as seen in the photgraph) – allowing its Karowe mine to recover the second-largest diamond ever.”

Wetherall said Lucapa was pleased to have the XRT recovery technology fully commissioned as part of its coarse material processing stream at Lulo, where Lucapa has already recovered five diamonds of larger than 100 carats this year.

In addition to treating the oversize or coarse gravels from daily mining operations, Lucapa will process the 20 000 cank cubic metres of stockpiled oversize material at Loulo over time.