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Covering mining exploration, development, mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Commodities in these regions include copper, cobalt,

The DRC Mining Week Online programme is guaranteed to inform you on latest industry hot topics, to inspire you and to strike...

Amedeo Anniciello, the Chief Executive of Standard Bank in the DRC talks about the lessons of COVID-19. Standard Bank is a longstanding...

“We have ensured content for our online sessions in June is relevant, what the industry wants and needs and, very importantly, is interactive.

Basil Read’s Blasting & Excavating: Breaking big in the DRC

"Our quality services in remote areas are unparalleled and we are looking to share this critical service value with the industry."

Walking the journey of automation in southern Africa

Automation is already seen by many mines as an essential element of their future productivity and commercial sustainability.

FQM discloses $850 million in tax contributions to Zambia

FQM achieved its highest ever annual copper production, which was reflected in the increased amount of its contributions.

Water use licences: Red tape delays application processWater security: South African companies playing their part

DRC: Always and forever evolving Welcome, ladies and gentlemen – Mining Review Africa is proud to present our third...

DRC copper concentrate ban not new says Ivanhoe

The company says the concentrate export ban is not new.

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