Gabon - Plymouth Minerals, the ASX-listed potash company, has been granted an exploration licence for its Banio potash project.


  • Plymouth Minerals has been notified that grant of tenure covering the Banio potash project has been approved by the Minister of Mines in Gabon – the new exploration licence is Arete No. 161.
  • Plymouth entered into a Binding Heads of Agreement to acquire a 100% interest in two major potash projects in Gabon in October 2015 – the Banio and Mamana projects.
  • Both projects host potash minerals and have been in exploration application stage, and a condition precedent of the transaction was the granting of at least one of the exploration licence applications.
  • The grant of the Banio licence successfully satisfies the condition precedent.
  • Plymouth is of the view that either of the Banio or Mamana projects have the potential to be a highly valuable asset with potential to enhance shareholder value.
  • Plymouth will advise the market on the completion of its due diligence at Banio shortly.
  • The processing of the Mamana exploration licence application is proceeding.

Background for Plymoth projects

Plymouth entered into a binding Heads of Agreement to purchase Equatorial Potash in October.

[quote]Equatorial holds 100% of the shares in Gabonese company Mayumba Potasse SARL, which in turn holds a 100% interest in the Banio exploration licence and a 100% interest in the Mamana asset, which is currently held under exploration licence application.

About the Banio project

The Banio project is located in the south of Gabon and covers 1 244 km2 of potash-bearing sediments hosted in the Congo Basin.

Previous drilling has identified very wide zones of potash mineralisation (sylvite and carnallite) within the Banio tenure. The project lies 20 km north-west of Elemental Resources’ major Sintoukola potash project, which hosts a global resource of 5.3 Bt potash mineralisation at 14.3% K2O (22.6% KCl).

“Plymouth is pleased to be working with Gabonese officials and Equatorial to obtain granted tenure and to complete this transaction. To have two potentially company-making projects as part of the transaction is very rare. With previous drilling showing shallow, high-grade potash and good access to infrastructure we are excited by the potential this acquisition has to drive shareholder wealth,” says Plymouth MD Adrian Byass.