Tiger Resources
ASX-listed Tiger Resources has appointed Brad Sampson, a mining engineer with experience of change management, as CEO and MD of the company.

With this appointment, current CEO and MD Michael Griffiths will remain on the board as a non-executive director to facilitate a smooth transition in management.

Sampson has more than 25 years of resources industry experience across numerous locations, including West and Southern Africa. In addition to significant mine development and operating experience, he has also listed company governance experience across multiple international jurisdictions. Sampson has held leadership roles covering the entire cycle of exploration, development, construction, operations and closure.

Tiger Resources chairman, Mark Connelly, said: “The Tiger Resources board is very pleased with this appointment and the leadership capability Sampson brings to the company.

“His African experience, mining production background and leadership roles, including responsibility for change management, make him an excellent CEO for Tiger Resources as it consolidates the Kipoi mining operations performance in continuous challenging circumstances.

“The board thanks Mike Griffiths for his services as CEO. Mike will provide continuity in his non-executive director capacity, a role that he first took on in 2012,” Tiger Resources said.

Tiger Resources said in January this year that it achieved production of 23 119 t of copper cathode at Kipoi during 2016.

During the year, Tiger Resources also completed the reinforcement of the intermediate leach solution pond, allowing production at Kipoi to be resumed at nameplate operating levels. The company will embark on the construction of an additional pond after the wet season.

Moreover, the company delivered the debottlenecking capital works programme to expand the Kipoi plant’s nameplate production capacity to 32 500 tpa. The coffer dam, a smaller dam contained within the larger dam that comprises the new tailings storage facility, has also been commissioned.