AEL Intelligent Blasting MD, Edwin Ludick, sits down with our Editor-in-Chief Laura Cornish to talk about the company’s strong presence in Africa, its expanding global footprint and overarching commitment to delivering sustainable solutions for the industry.

AEL through its offering aims to demonstrate the intelligence and thought leadership that goes into the execution of the ‘perfect blast outcome.

AEL: Intelligent blasting at the forefront of Smart Mining

“Our branding seeks to capitalise on our successful growth and expansion, and supports our strategy to position the Group as the most intelligent choice in the market when it comes to blasting services and products,” says AEL MD, Edwin Ludick.

Through AEL’s IntelliBlast total value proposition, this holistic and flexible approach deploys blasting services that extract optimum value from any blasting operation, with its combination of products, services and solutions.

Each component of the value proposition is backed by an inherent intelligence that helps achieve efficiency, safety and reduced total cost of ownership through blasting outcomes.