Loesche technology

Modern mining is continuously looking to improve capital expenditure, operating costs, flexible process systems due to complicated ores, improved environmental impact and the best possible recovery of mineral or minerals.

Striving to achieve these points improves profitability and longevity of existing and new mines. Through years of intensive research and testing, Loesche has managed to improve process, recovery and optimisation technology of the plant.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 4, 2020
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Due to the high reduction ratio of the Loesche Vertical Roller Mill or VRM, which can reduce 150 mm feed to a P80 of 45 microns in a single pass, the comminution circuit can be optimised to reduce process equipment technology required to achieve the same result.

Due to the dry process of the VRM, wet process equipment such as pumps, piping and cyclones can be removed which simplifies it even more reducing maintenance and spares holding costs.

The VRM also allows for quick adjustment to suit the ore feed as it varies, allowing the mine to produce the best possible feed for the downstream process.

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Apart from the comminution stream, the next phase is the recovery circuit. Loesche can be advantageous to this circuit by supplying a constant feed of non-oxidised material.

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This leads to higher flotation kinetics which is achieved through the steeper particle size distribution with less ultra-fine particles. By this an improved flotation performance can be seen with a highly reduced reagent dosage, directly affecting the flotation kinetics for the better. This leads to better settling velocities and improved water recovery.

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