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IPT extends warranty on pumps for peace of mind

Integrated Pump Technology has extended the warranty on all Grindex submersible pumps from 18 months to 30 months.

“As the official sub-Saharan distributor of Grindex pumps, Integrated Pump Technology IPT has always held the belief that these pumps are well suited to the harsh applications found on the African continent,” says MD Colin Adams.

“While traditionally pump companies offer a warranty period of just 12 months, the warranty on Grindex pumps has always been 18 months, and we made the decision to extend this to our customers in Africa as this is the level of confidence we have in the quality of these pumps,” he adds.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 5, 2019
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While quality has always been the watchword with Grindex submersible pumps, Adams is quick to note that performance and reliability go hand in hand in pumping applications, and for this reason it is critical that the most appropriate pump be selected for a given application.

“IPT is not about selling a pump in a box,” he says. “We consider it important to understand the customer application and its specific requirements, and with this information our technical team is able to specify a pump which we know will match the requirement.

“By leveraging off our extensive knowledge of pumping application we can ensure effective performance with lower total cost of ownership. And this is definitely not something that all pump companies can do,” says Adams,

IPT’s operating philosophy is founded on providing quality original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) pumps and parts and has established a sound reputation for pumping solutions under all types of operating conditions.

Adams says that the company’s offering extends well past simply selling pumps providing technical and aftermarket support to end-users which he says has been a value differentiator in the industry.

“When specifying a Grindex pump we know that the end-user will see a return on the investment, and this is largely due to the extensive research and development that underpins all the engineering of all the pumps offers by this international OEM,” he says.

Slurry pumps for mining

The Grindex Bravo range has found particular favour in slurry pumping applications in the mining sector as these pumps are designed for moving fluids with high concentrations of abrasives including sand and stones.

Robustly constructed, these hardworking pumps offer a maximum submersible depth of 20 m and do not require any support superstructure. This makes for quick and easy installation and less space needed for their operation.

The cartridge seal is preassembled for quicker and easier mounting, while the trademarked Hard-iron impeller and pump housing feature high wear resistance, which is critical in slurry applications. The large throughlet means that the pump can handle solids of varying sizes.

A leakage sensor allows for early detection of any problems, while the single adjustment screw makes it easy to tweak the impeller for optimal performance.

The agitator has been designed specifically for coarser slurries, and is able to stir up and pump sand, sludge and solids in suspension.

“Handling slurries is certainly one of the toughest pumping applications and we know that the market looks to suppliers like us to offer appropriate products with good value-add.

“By further extending the warranty on the Grindex pump we anticipate even greater demand for this workhorse pump,” Adams concludes.