Kangra Coal

Kangra Coal has provided safe temporary ablution facilities at Qalani Primary School to ensure its students are able to learn in a safer and healthier schooling environment.

Qalani is a public school located in Saul Mkhizeville under the Mkhondo Local Municipality where Kangra, the subsidiary of Menar, has operations.

Previously, the ablution facilities at the school comprised of old pit latrines that would often overflow with raw sewerage posing a health and safety concern for the learners.

When Kangra Coal Community liaison officer Simo Yende was made aware of the plight of the school and the safety risks posed to its learners, he arranged for the mine to donate four mobile VIP toilets to the school.

“Kangra Coal donated the VIP toilets as a temporary solution, while the plan is to build a proper more permanent ablution facility. We are in discussions with our large contractors to partner with us to build modern, permanent toilets for the school as part of their CSI spend,” says Yende.

Qalani Primary School Principal M.G. Luthuli expressing her deep appreciation to Kangra Coal states, “The donation of the mobile toilet units is really appreciated as they have come as a great relief to the challenging situation that learners and staff at our school are faced with.”

Menar MD Vuslat Bayoglu emphasizes that assisting local communities, when and wherever possible, stands at the core of Menar and the group’s subsidiaries’ values.

“Sanitation is at the heart of human dignity. We had to intervene. We continue to strive to meaningfully uplift the lives of the communities near to, and surrounding our operations, to ensure we leave a positive lasting legacy,” Bayoglu concludes.