Security Manager, Charles Mngomezulu has been with ZAC for over 33 years. He is responsible for ensuring the safety of colleagues and mine assets. He started off as a regular security officer at ZAC and has over the years worked himself up the ranks.

Securing the ZAC premises is no easy task with the mining area stretching tens of kilometres between shafts, the plant, the discard dumps and across all sections of the property.

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However, this 24/7 /365 day a year job is crucial to ensuring the security of employees, contactors, mine assets and community members.

The mine works closely with local police stations in Mahlabathini and Nongoma as well as South African Police Service’s (SAPS) Cluster Unit (Crime Intelligence and Public Ordering Police) in Ulundi.

“If we ever have problems that is beyond our capabilities to handle on our own, I contact them and they send officers to assist us,” he says.

Sharing information and working closely with the local authorities and the Community Policing Forum has not only ensured safety on the mine, but has also aided in driving down crime in the area.

In January 2020, Charles received a certificate from the Mahlabathini SAPS in recognition of ZAC’s efforts as a valuable community stakeholder for its efforts to combat crime in the area.

“By coming together and sharing knowledge and resources, we have been able to create a stable and safer environment for everyone and I look forward to doing so, with the help of our local community partners, for years to come” Charles concludes.