Coal is a fossil fuel. Different types of coal is mined including coking coal, thermal coal, metallurgical coal, anthracite. Coal includes coal mining, coal processing, electricity, power generation, coal-fired power stations, thermal power, clean coal technologies, Eskom, carbon, carbon tax, coal processing equipment, Richards Bay Coal Terminal, coal washing, export coal,


Insurance in the time of coronavirus

“Inevitably, the consequence of lockdown is that businesses are suffering," says Nicholas Taitz, director at legal firm Knowles Husain Lindsay Inc.
Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency tests reveal gains of 13.3%

Mining businesses invest in heavy equipment and fuel and maintenance costs for that machinery can pile up quickly while chipping away at the bottom line.
equipment DRA

Lubrication misunderstood yet essential

Lubrication is one of the most important consumables as it is essential to ensure mining equipment remains safe and fully operational.
SRK Consulting

How successful are mines’ efforts to restore livelihoods?

“Livelihood restoration has become a critical element of a resettlement action plan,” says Jessica Edwards, senior social scientist at SRK Consulting.

MICROMINE leads the trend in modernising core tech

The mining sector is being urged to modernise its technology infrastructure if it wants to be competitive in the digital era.

New tools in latest MICROMINE upgrade

MICROMINE has expanded its suite of intuitive mine planning tools which will be available in a significant upgrade pack to be released next month.

Process plant optimisation driven by technology

During challenging market conditions there is a need for mining companies to operate efficiently and cost-effectively way using the latest technology.
power coal covid-19 kangra

COVID-19: Kangra Coal placed on care and maintenance

Low thermal coal prices due to supply glut and low demand have proved unsustainable for the high-cost underground Kangra mine in South Africa.

Morning Coffee with MRA: Get your digital copy

Despite not being able to get your hands on a physical copy, you can still gain access to every issue of Mining...

Safety: How to prevent conveyor-related injury

“If a conveyor is merely stopped and de-energized, tension may remain in the belt in the form of stored energy," explains Process Engineer Dan Marshall.

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