Articulated Dump Truck Operator | Siyabonga Yende

“The previous year was very hectic, but I’m now very happy that we have started working again, and the mine is already operating. I’m from the Driefontein community and I can say with confidence that we are all very, very happy that Kangra has reopened,” enthuses Siyabonga Yende, who is a Menar Mining Services Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) Operator.

He has worked at Kangra since 2016 but was previously working as a mining contractor. Siyabonga returned to the mine in February 2021 and is working in the Pit C mining area.


“It feels great to be starting on a new mining area which will extend the life of Kangra. The mine is very important to the community and this was felt great when it was on care and maintenance,” Siyabonga states.

Moreover, Siyabonga notes that he is very proud to now be part of Menar Mining Services, which is the company responsible for mining at Kangra. “I’ve done my research on Menar and I’ve seen that it is a growing company and I’m proud to be part of a growth-focused business entity,” he states.

“I just want to see the mine grow and develop. Being part of a new chapter in Kangra’s history means a lot to me,” Siyabonga remarks.