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Surface miners can benefit from industry representation

Small and medium-sized surface mines can benefit enormously through membership of the only industry representative body that deal exclusively with issues relating to this type of small-scale mining, ASPASA.

Although not as glamourous as gold or platinum mining, the sector of the industry represented by the association employs many people and upholds massive supply chains including equipment, processing plant machines, transport, services and a wide array of other products and services that are essential to mining and processing minerals ranging from aggregates, to clay, dimension stone, salt, as well as a wide variety of other commodities.

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The association not only represents mines in this sector, it is also playing an increasingly important role in facilitating improved relations between its members and suppliers, who may also join the association as “associate members” in order to better service this important sector of the industry.

Here are compelling reasons why small-scale surface mines should join the association; and ten reasons why suppliers should become associate members:

Reasons for mines to join:

  1. ASPASA promotes self-regulation of its members and annual audits covering health, safety, environment, quality, blasting and others ensure compliance with legal requirements, as well as ensuring world-class standards are upheld on our mines.
  2. The association works with Government and other professional bodies such as the Mine Health and Safety Council (MHSC), Mine Regulation Advisory Council and Minerals Council to determine market requirements and work with the industry’ own technical experts to define methods and specifications that are realistic and attainable.
  3. A large part of the association’s resources is directed at communications in the form of public relations, advertising and active participation in public debates relating to the industry. This includes the protection of the industry and the association’s reputations.
  4. Participation in studies and trails to embrace new requirements and test technologies to improve the industry. These include beneficiation techniques, practices and legal requirements such as proofing equipment to meet new PDS and road safety requirements.
  5. Lobbying on behalf of the industry wherever barriers exist to prevent an even playing field, unjustified legislation and other threats to the industry, including the growing scourge of illegal mining.
  6. Training and careers development including the identification of careers paths, training requirements and coursework. Working with key service providers to deliver training and workshops that meet the current and future requirements of the industry and address skills shortages and inadequacies.
  7. Maintaining international relations to cooperate with international peers for the advancement of the global industry. To identify global opportunities, identify trends and maintain standards that are comparable with the rest of the world.
  8. Fight legal battles to protect the industry, such as the most recent legal battles including diesel rebates, royalties, explosives, environmental and other issues that negatively impact the industry.

Reasons for suppliers to join:

  1. Network and communicate directly with ASPASA members on mines throughout the country
  2. Work with technical teams to find product and service-based solutions to the industry’s challenges
  3. Introduce new concepts to the market
  4. Introduce new products and services that give ASPASA producer members the edge
  5. Provider training and coursework for future workshops

ASPASA is an active and involved industry association that works tirelessly towards improving the surface mining industry.

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Its initiatives, such as health and safety, as well as environmental programmes have transformed the industry and gained international recognition that others in the mining industry are beginning to follow.