Caption: TAKRAF Africa's mineral sizer, a perfect complementary product to the company's Bradford Breaker

Tenova business unit TAKRAF Africa, an integrated solutions provider in the fields of materials handling and minerals processing, prides itself on delivering an unparalleled service to the coal sector – with passion and energy, MD RICHARD SPÄTH tells LAURA CORNISH.

This has seen the company more recently focus its energy on ensuring its equipment is well suited to the industry’s flowsheet, processing and environmental needs.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 3, 2020
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TAKRAF Africa’s Bradford Breaker has largely become a household name in the coal sector – thanks to the advantages it offers in producing a ‘cleaner’ coal product.

In an era where the industry is struggling to shake off its dirty reputation, this piece of equipment is ideally suited to producing a better spec’d and sized coal product for the end-user.

“The continuous improvement of equipment such as the Bradford Breaker is an example of the commitment TAKRAF Africa has towards helping our clients improve their processing performance and product output. This forms part of our company’s strategy to add value by understanding their process flowsheets,” says Späth.

The result of this drive has seen the company add a new equipment range to its suite of products – mineral sizers.

“This is an essential piece of equipment in all mining sectors and equally in coal and we believe we can add value through introducing them into coal processing circuits to size coal fractions efficiently,” Späth continues.

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While TAKRAF Africa may be a new entrant to the sizer market, the MD highlights that the sizer’s unique selling point is its superior maintainability functionality – “the replacement of our wear components, on what is a high wearing piece of equipment, can be done in a very short timeframe, and this results in reduced plant downtime – which the coal sector is desperate to achieve.”

The perfect package deal

The industry stands to benefit further if incorporating a sizer in combination with a Bradford Breaker. Together these two key equipment items ensure an optimally sized coal product, and one that has very little shale and grit, which compromises quality.

“We believe the coal sector is looking for a solution that delivers on the benefits we are offering through our sizer/breaker package,” reiterates Bhavesh Bhaga, TAKRAF Africa’s engineered technologies general manager. “We are consequently confident that in 2020 and beyond our success in this field will continue.”

TAKRAF Africa has the exclusive distribution and manufacturing rights to sell TerraSource Global’s Bradford Breaker in the southern African region.  Through years of service to the market, the South Africa-based company has refined the technology and optimised it to cater to local coal mining conditions.

“The unique design of our screen panels offers the most efficient performance in this market space.  When combined with our after-market support service, we believe our breakers are the best on the market,” Bhaga highlights.

“With over 35 breakers installed and in operation, the product’s performance speaks for itself, which includes (by comparison with other methods of secondary or tertiary crushing), lower opex and capex, lower power consumption, reduced downtime and easy retrofit capabilities – “all resulting in greater crushing efficiency.”

Keeping abreast of the market

While a large portion of TAKRAF Africa’s client base comprises the large-scale coal miners in South Africa, it has expanded its product range to cater to the growing number of junior coal mining companies which Eskom is aligning with to secure sufficient coal feed.

As such, the company launched its semi-mobile Bradford Breaker about three years ago – giving it an entrance into building a solid reputation with junior coal miners. TAKRAF Africa’s semi-mobile breaker ranges in size from 200 – 900 tph throughput, capable of handling lump sizes of up to 800 mm.

“To further assist this industry, TAKRAF Africa is not only prepared to fund the necessary test work to validate the correct breaker size and throughput, but will even consider financing options for the capex portion of the breaker installation,” Bhaga continues.

The bigger focus area

In addition to TAKRAF’s well known products in mining and materials handling, the broader product range also incorporates the DELKOR range of solid/liquid separation equipment and a varying range of air pollution control systems. 

These equipment ranges play an important role in TAKRAF’s contribution to assist clients in ensuring that mining and minerals beneficiation is done in a responsible and sustainable manner.

“Our approach, regardless of the equipment or solutions we are providing, entails adopting a mind-set that caters to the needs of our clients and the industry, whilst also pro-actively assisting the industry to minimise the impact on the environment.

“Developing and equipping ourselves to provide the market with innovative and efficient solutions is at the core of our business.  In addition to this, assisting our clients to reduce the environmental impact of their operations has become a priority,” Bhaga concludes.

TAKRAF sizers
Offer the following benefits:

  • Ease of maintenance and reduced downtime from quick and easy changing of crushing segments in situ, with pick and segment replacement not requiring removal of the complete shafts. The inching drive for roll maintenance increases safety significantly.
  • Long equipment service life from use of advanced wear resistant materials such as hard-faced segments, tungsten picks, and a heavy-duty machine design.

Custom design

  • Boasting a high throughput combined with a compact design, the TAKRAF Sizer,Consists of a heavy-duty steel frame in modular design, two counter rotating crushing rolls and a high powered drive train with oversized gearbox.
  • Can be custom designed to specific mine requirements with flexibility with regard to tooth profile and gap size of crushing segments according to product requirements.

Support services

  • Laboratory: TAKRAF’s in-house minerals laboratory conducts material tests across various conditions to determine factors such as material crushability and wear behaviour, which are important in sizer selection.
  • Aftersales support: TAKRAF Africa’s Client Support Services provide comprehensive aftermarket support ranging from spares supply to maintenance contracts.


TAKRAF, a Tenova company, is an integrated solutions provider to the global mining, bulk material handling, minerals processing and beneficiation industries, offering innovative technological solutions as well as process and commodity knowledge along the industry value chains. With the integration of the well-known DELKOR and, Tenova Advanced Technologies (formerly Bateman Advanced Technologies) brand of products into TAKRAF as specialised product lines, our portfolio for the mineral processing and beneficiation sectors has been considerably enhanced.

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