Electrician Thokozani Mandlazi and Underground Fitter Thabang Mochaba

Electrician Thokozani Mandlazi and Underground Fitter Thabang Mochaba have both been at Kangra since 2015 and returned to Kangra as part of the recall agreement in March 2021. The pair says they are looking forward to developing their skills and knowledge at Kangra.

Thokozani started his career at Kangra working at the rebuild workshop. Then he went to work underground at West Shaft’s Section 4 Low Seam. From Low Seam he progressed to Section 5. “Then from West Shaft I went to work Out Bye. Prior to the care and maintenance period I was working at Out Bye and West Shaft, and it’s good to be back here,” he states.


Thokozani explains that Out Bye is not in the production section, instead, it is where the conveyor belts run product out of the production areas to stockpiles.

Thabang started his career at Kangra working in the plant. “I worked in the plant for around six months. Then there was an opening for an underground worker in Out Bye and I have worked mainly on the belt, pumps, and fence maintenance ever since,” he says.  Thabang says he wants to learn more and is excited about what the future holds for him in terms of career development.

Thokozani says that his dream is to become an electrical engineer. “I recently started studying again and have just one subject to complete in my studies. I’ve registered to complete that subject this year and I’m positive that I’ll pass it.”

He says that he was motivated to study further after seeing others do the same over many years during their time at Kangra and hopes to be able to follow in his predecessors’ footsteps.