Level 1 BBBEE-rated Turnmill Proquip Engineering has built many stackers in its history.

Each of the sections were built to their own unique quality control plan, within a record-breaking time, to the most stringent quality requirements.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 10, 2019
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In order to meet delivery schedules, the focus was moved away from using conventional jigs and more focus was applied to weld distortion control. This required a certain skillset which was developed from years of experience and expertise that is unrivalled in this field.

Turnmill is proud to announce that approximately 140 t of steel plate and structural sections with 3.6 t of welding consumables moved through its workshop within the space of nine months, which included trial-assemblies, painting and in-house site-erection simulations.

All the above contributed to a timeously delivered quality product.

Turnmill has a vast scope and caters for the all heavy industries in addition to mining in the manufacture of steel components including furnaces, crane beams, scrubbers, rotary kilns, ducting and stacks, dragline components, silos, complex tubular structures and advanced platework. Turnmill also offers a machining shop of 1 000 m² with two 10 t overhead cranes.

To add to this impressive scope of expertise it also specialises in the design and fabrication of pressure vessels, columns, shell and tube heat exchangers and reactors.