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DRC Mining Week 2019 conference papers


Pre- Conference Power Focus Sessions


Opening Session 1.1
A slow development but laudable efforts: An update on current energy projects
Moderator: Ben Munanga, General Manager, Ivanhoe Mines Energy DRC SARL, DRC

09:00Ministerial address: Government Plan to Capitalize
Investment Opportunities in the Energy Sector
Guy N. Muleya, Chief of Staff, Ministry of Mines, Land, Energy,
Hydrocarbons and Environment, RDC
09:15How battery storage can bring more efficiency to your
mining business?
François Grimbert, Head of Sales, Southern and Eastern Africa,
Aggreko, South Africa
09:25Panel discussion: Electricity projects report
• Tembo Power: How far is the hydropower plant project from
seeing the light and what were the obstacles overcome?
• Public and Private Partnership: SNEL – Eskom, an update on
study level of the energy import project through Zambia and
Zimbabwe network
• Funding and regional deal structuring solutions to resolve the
power shortage for the mining industry in DRC
• Sombwe Project: Strategic advancement between 2018 and 2019
• Extending and strengthening power supplies from Zambia into

Raphael Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer, Tembo Power,

François Grimbert, Head of Sales, Southern and Eastern Africa,
Aggreko, South Africa

• Diagne Mabouba, Regional Executive Structuring & Financial
Modelling, Trade & Development Bank, Mauritius
• Eric Monga Mumba, Chief Executive, Kipay Investments, DRC
• Abraham Sashi, Senior Manager- System Operations, Zesco,
10:10Q&A session

Session 1.2
“Someday Inga will come”: Looking for interim solutions
Moderator: Eric Monga Mumba, Chief Executive, Kipay Investments, DRC

11:00Sustainability of power transmission and distribution
Christopher Nthala, Chief Operating Officer, Copperbelt Energy
Corporation Plc, Zambia
11:10Hybrid solutions for the mining industry: Energy storage, a
guarantee for optimal operations
Loic Charmoille, Proposal Manager Hybrid Solutions, Wärtsilä,
11:20Panel discussion:
• How to respond to urgent need of power of mining companies
in order to boost their production.
• Gecamines coal power plant: How viable and effective could
this be in a long run?
• Infrastructure: How to overcome the lack of insufficient wiring
to facilitate electricity distribution?
• What electricity tariff structure should be adaptable for the
energy supply in DRC and by when an energy policy for all?
• The development of regional electricity trade and its
contribution to reducing the energy deficit: What is blocking it
and what needs to be done?
• Alternative power solutions: Power strategy of Kibali

Dieudonné Nduwa, Luena Project Coordinator, Gecamines, DRC
• Lucien Shimuna, Energy Project Engineer, Ivanhoe Mines Energy
• Vincent Noël Vika Di Panzu, General Director, Katanga Energy,
Andy Sambwe , Energy Engineer, Kibali Goldmines, DRC
12:20Q&A session

Official Opening Ceremony


Rethinking the traditional mining model in the new era of metals:
Equipping DRC with the right skills set to drive the industry forward

Moderator: Serge Bilambo, Provincial Director-Head of Mining and Metals CIB, Standard Bank DRC

14:30Welcome from the organizers
Emmanuelle Nicholls, Group Director, Spintelligent, South Africa
14:40Welcome address from the official partner: DRC Chamber
of Mines
Simon Tuma Waku, Vice President, Chamber of Mines, DRC
15:05Welcome address from the Host Province of Haut Katanga
Excellence, Jacques Kyabula Katwe Governor of Haut Katanga,
15:20Opening address from the Sponsor: Innovative and effective
banking solutions to support new and existing mining
Amedeo Anniciello, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Bank, DRC
15:30 The mining industry as a lodestone in the RSA-DRC
economic relations
Andrew Maswanganye, Council General, South Africa, DRC
15:40 Keynote address: Public – Private Sector Partnership: A
fundamental prerequisite for sustainable growth of the
DRC Mining Sector
Veston Malango, Chief Executive Officer, Chamber of Mines,
15:50 Private sector’s contribution for growth: The FEC Perspective
Albert Yuma Mulimbi, President, Gecamines/ President of the
Federation of Congo Entreprises ( FEC), DRC
16:00Ministerial address: What are the incentives that will put
DRC as a trusted leader on the international mining market?
Joseph Ikoli Y’ampeke, Executive Secretary, Minister of Mines,
Ministry of Mines, DRC*
16:20Presidential address and Official Opening of the 15th edition
of DRC Mining Week
Mrs Gety Mpanu Mpanu, Deputy Chief of Staff, of The Head of
State in charge of Infrastructures, Mineral Resources,
Hydrocarbons, Energy and PT-NTIC, Presidency, Democratic
Republic of Congo


Session 2.1
Burying the hatchet and getting the most out of the mining code
for the success of the operations?

Moderator: Guy Robert Lukama, Managing Director, Mongbwalu Mines, DRC

09:00A transparent operating model to contribute to the
profitability of the mining sector
Jean Jacques Mukula, Partner Assurance and Advisory and
President of Congolese Organization of Chartered Accountants for
the Haut Katanga Province, DRC
09:10Panel Discussion
Impact of the new mining code on activities; What prospects for
investors? What aspects will be considered or abandoned? The
improvement of the business climate, the popularization of the
Mining Code, the conclusion of the win-win contract: Where are

Panel discussion:
Mamie Ndaya Ilunga, Judicial Advocate, High Court, DRC
• Ahmed Kalj Kant, Managing Director, Autorité de Régulation

de la Sous-traitance, DRC
• Prof. Dieudonné Louis Tambwe, Deputy Technical Director,

CTCPM, Ministry of Mines, DRC
• Simon Tuma Waku, Vice President, Chamber of Mines, DRC
• Louis Watum, Managing Director-DRC Operations, Ivanhoe

Mines, DRC
10:10Q&A session

Session 2.2
“Back to the Future”: Predicting tomorrow’s commodities and monitoring development of the battery metals market.
Moderator: Simon Tuma Waku, Vice President, Chamber of Mines, DRC

11:00Ivanhoe on the mining map: An update of their projects in
the DRC
Louis Watum, Managing Director-DRC Operations, Ivanhoe
Mines, DRC
11:10The future of cobalt in DRC: Cobalt hydroxide, pure cobalt
sulphate or cobalt metal?
Tshikele Mukongo, Country Manager , Protea Mining Chemicals,
11:20Panel discussion:
• The constant demand for Lithium for the production of
What future for Tanganyika province?
• Outperformance outlook cobalt: How will this affect DRC
supply- and what DRC’s role in the copper and cobalt market?
• What future for: Steel, manganese, aluminium and
non -strategic
commodities- Is cobalt beneficial for DRC?
• Can DRC align its mining strategy to the “investment Thesis”:
30% EVs by 2030?
• How to promote the secondary gold industry with a smelter
can gold remain competitive?
• How to develop Local processing of (some) minerals to add
to the country’s economy and the stabilization of the region?

Martin Haylett, Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie,
United Kingdom
• Margaret Kabamba, Mining Consultant, Language Connections,

• Tshikele Mukongo, Country Manager, Protea Mining Chemicals,

Uwe Naeher, Director of the Mining Products Certification

Project, Federal Office of Geosciences and Natural Resources ,
• Hon. Robert Schuddeboom, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the

Netherlands in DRC and the Republic of Congo
12:20Q&A session

Session 2.3
Global trends that will shape the mining industry by 2050: How is DRC tracking?
Moderator: Jean Jacques Mukula, Partner Assurance and Advisory and President of Congolese Organization of Chartered Accountants for the Haut Katanga Province

14:00How new technology has contributed to improve
competitiveness of mining companies and increase their
Gustave Nzeng Rubuz, Chairman Board of Directors, Kamoto
Copper Company SA, Kolwezi, DRC
14:10 Integrated planning from mine production through to
rehabilitation and liability management
Dave Capstick, Business Manager, Deswik, South Africa
14:20 The use of new technologies in the restructuring of explosive
management adaptable to the mining sector
Marcel Mbuyu, Managing Director, Afridex, RDC
14:30 New technology solutions adapted to the needs of economic
operators in the mining sector.
Rene Monzambe, Executive and Regional Manager, Vodacom
Congo, DRC
14:40 Panel discussion:
• Geoscience data: An efficient way to improve predictions,
innovation and sustainability
• Pros and cons of smart mining: How can DRC mining integrate
remote control in their day to day operations
• DRC to gear up and join the smart mining trend: advanced
technology, green strategies, metals consumption, low costs
• Digitalisation: How can mining houses maximise their
operations with data management and artificial intelligence.
• Tracking cobalt through blockchain technology: How realistic
is it and what are the steps?

Prof. Hilaire Elenga, Directeur Général, Centre de Géologie et de
Recherche Minière (CRGM), Congo
• Aleksandar Popovic, Senior Consultant – CRU Consulting, United

• Gustave Nzeng Rubuz, Chairman Board of Directors, Kamoto

Copper Company SA, Kolwezi, DRC
• Rene Monzambe, Executive and Regional Manager, Vodacom

Congo, DRC
15:30Q&A session

Session 2.4
Trade agreements with Africa’s cobalt and copper leader: The economic potential of bilateral trade
Moderator: Veston Malongo, Chief Executive, Chamber of Mines, Namibia

16:20Unlocking capacity on the DRC-Walvis Bay corridor through
synergies with State Owned Enterprises along the corridor
Nate Macmillan, Southern Africa Trade Director, Ascon Timpet
GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
16:30Panel discussion:
• Public-Private Partnership: The key to unlock regional
economic projects and development
• Role of testing laboratories in the export of mining products:
Quality control
• Understand the value chain from extraction to end-products:
What are the requirements of each party involved?
• What are the regional integration strategies to facilitate
production and export of minerals?
• Regional partnership: Adding value to the DRC’s operations
• Corridor integration and border control a common interest
for the regional trade
• What effective solutions would best fit the needs of mining
companies to improve their competitiveness?

• Rodolphe Kembukuswa, Managing Director, Bolloré Transport
& Logistics, DRC
• Vuyiswa Mafu, Export Promotion Manager, Zimtrade,
Guy Kimenyembo, Managing Director, Trade Service, DRC
• Senior Representative, Department of Trade and Industry,
South Africa
• Helmut Schgeiner, Technical Director, VDMA Mining, Germany
• Craig Sillars, Specialist Mining and Infrastructure, Department
for International Trade, UK
• Ambroise Tshiyoyo, President, French-Congolese Chamber of
Commerce and Industry, DRC
17:20Q&A session


Session 3.1
Solving the Chinese Puzzle: Ensuring financial turnaround in a risk-taking business environment (IDC)
Moderator: Erick Lwamba Mayanga, The National Order of Chartered Accountants, DRC

09:00Identify attractive financing projects
Rian Coetzee, Acting Head Basic Metals & Mining, IDC,
South Africa
09:10Panel discussion:
• Get the right recipe to mitigate the risk while you navigate
through volatile commodity prices, foreign exchange
fluctuations; legal environment; operating costs; reliance on
third-party infrastructure; employee safety and health; liquidity
and capital management; and compliance with environmental
• How can mining operators and exploration companies manage
their balance sheets with volatile commodities prices?
• “A la carte” business model: Invest in a new project, acquire a
promising product, or merge with existing operations in needs
for financing. Find your match!
• What are the economic enablers for the mining industry in the
• What supporting plan is in place to enable local sub-contractors
to finance their mining projects?

• Yves Binzunga Multinational and Regional Director, Eco Bank,
DRC, Eco Bank, DRC
• Kevin Hodges, Industry Development Champion, IDC,

South Africa
• Diagne Mabouba, Regional Executive Structuring & Financial

Modelling, Trade & Development Bank, Mauritius
• Gaëtan E. Munkeni, Regional Director, FBN Bank, DRC
10:10Q&A session

Session 3.2
“Mining Academy Wanted”: Training your talent and equipping your workforce
Moderator: Guy Muswil, Head of Sustainability, Ivanhoe Mines, RDC

11:00Technical education: The contribution of worldSkills as a tool
for vocational training
Francis Hourant, Director, WorldSkills, Belgium
11:10Panel discussion:
• How do we create new employment opportunities for youth
• Train the trainers: How to ensure a continuous training cycle
that is sustainable for future generations and adaptable to the
mining value chain
• Vocational- academy programs to train talents: How to meet
the mining companies’ requirements?
• Case Studies: Congolese youth must “wake up” to appropriate
the new laws on local subcontracting; regroup in local
communities and associations in order to start developing
activities that would be profitable to them.
• How does mining operators plan to avoid a skills gap-
Incentivising young talent eager to start a career in mining?

Budy Bukadi, Provincial Director Haut-Katanga, National
Institute of Professional Preparation, DRC
• Francis Hourant, Director, WorldSkills, Belgium
• Freddy Kitoko Nyembo, Chairman, Investissement Durable au

Katanga, (IDAK) DRC
• Léonie Muyombe, Director, Resource Center -Haut Katanga, DRC
12:10Q&A session

Session 3.3
Catching up with the mining giants: Which projects will change the game in the region?
Moderator: Louison Kiyombo, Partner, KPMG, DRC

13:50Private-Private Partnership: Zesco supports mining
companies in the DRC
Abraham Sashi, Senior Manager- System operations, Zesco,
14:20Projects update:
• Update on key projects from the giants of DRC Mining
• Seeking a sustainable outcome for all DRC stakeholders- dream
or reality?
• Juniors mining outlook: What has been the key to success for
young blood in the mining industry in DRC and what is left to
be done?
• What is needed to support mining operations and allow
significant growth?
• What has the MPI don to assert their rights in the mining
industry despite the difficulties encountered in 2018?

Mark Davis, Executive General Operations Manager – Africa,
Australia and Asia, MMG, DRC
• Boris Kamstra, Chief Executive Officer, Alphamin, DRC
• André Kapanga, Executive Director General, CMOC Congo, DRC
• Louis Watum, Managing Director-DRC Operations, Ivanhoe

Mines, DRC
• Jacobs Willem, COO- Africa & Middle East, Barrick Gold Corp,

15:20Q&A session

Session 3.4
Mining with a Legacy: Integrate communities as the fabric of your business
Moderator: Lorenzo Giacomin, Associate, Belgo Congolese Chamber of Commerce, DRC

16:00Mutualisation of CSR as an integration factor
Richard Muyej Mangez Mans, Governor, Governorate,Lualaba
Province, DRC
16:15Case study: How do you formalise ASM to make them more
responsible and what does ‘real’ community participation
look like?

Christopher Higgins, Business Development Manager, Minelab
MEA General Trading LLC , Dubai
Agnès Kabwiz, Deputy Coordinator, Renafem, DRC
Albert Kitengue, Deputy Managing Director, Alphamin Bisie

Mines, DRC
• Guillaume Kiza Sikangula, Managing Director, Support Service

the Supervision of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Production,
16:35Panel discussion:
• Make Health and Safety your priority: What measures are in
place to assess a safety working environment; working practices
for staff and leaders?
• Adopting a strategic development approach in which local
communities are integrated as stakeholders
• The CSR experience: Lessons from Kibali Gold
• Mining Initiatives: The relationship between artisanal miner,
mining operators and Subcontracting
• Security and illegal mining: How to handle these challenges
and what are the potential solutions?

Richard Muyej Mangez Mans, Governor, Governorate,Lualaba
Province, DRC
• Bernard Wakomina Eku, Administrative Director, Securico Sarl,

• Luck Mumba, CSR Head, Eurasian Resources Group Africa, DRC
• Cyrille Mutombo, Director, Kibali, DRC
• Ahmed Kalj Kant, Managing Director, Autorité de Régulation

de la Sous-traitance, DRC
17:30Q&A session
17:40Closing remarks
Emmanuelle Nicholls, Group Director, Spintelligent, South Africa
17:45Closing remarks
Senior Representative Ministry of Mines, DRC*