equipment dubai

The excitement rises as hundreds of people gather for the event in Dubai. Not just in the auction theater but people also join from all over the world via their computer.

Bidders have seen what’s for sale and have their eyes on the items they want. Perhaps they’ll bid on other items if the price is right.

The auction staff has been preparing the event for weeks and everything is ready to go.

In the massive yard hundreds of excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, dump trucks, cranes and other equipment items are lined up waiting for their new owners. During the auction days everything is sold to the highest bidders.

At Ritchie Bros.’ previous auction in Dubai last March, more than 230 companies from the Middle East, Africa, India and other regions consigned and sold over 1,700 pieces of equipment.

Over a thousand people registered to bid at the auction, including 170 new bidders and 570 bidders from abroad – including from Africa. These are massive events where supply and demand meet.

Who’s buying at these auctions? The Ritchie Bros. auctions attract all sorts of businesses.

Big and small, from various industries and various locations. Ritchie Bros. offers its customers a reliable way to buy and a large choice of items. Especially at the Dubai auctions there’s a big appetite for heavy construction equipment from all popular manufacturers.

Those who can’t attend in person join the bidding live online through the Company’s website

The auction inventory, available on the Company’s website, is viewed by thousands of people every day in the days leading up to the auction.

When they win items, Ritchie Bros. can even arrange affordable logistics to get their new purchases to where they need to be.

The next Dubai auction is scheduled for June 18 – 19, 2019.

Anyone interested to buy or sell at the auction should visit or call +971.50.459.4701 for more information.