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Kamoto Copper Company comments on death of 19 illegal miners

Kamoto Copper Company has observed a growing presence of illegal artisanal miners throughout its industrial mining concessions in the Kolwezi area.

This has led to daily intrusions onto its concession by on average 2,000 illegal artisanal miners per day.

This has presented a significant risk to its employees, operating equipment and the illegal artisanal miners themselves.

Tragically, there were 19 fatalities today, with possible further unconfirmed fatalities.

The illegal artisanal miners were working two galleries in benches overlooking the extraction area. Two of these galleries caved in.

These incidents were not linked to Kamoto Copper Company (KCC) operations or activities.

KCC is currently engaged in assisting search and rescue operations with the local authorities.

KCC urges all illegal miners to cease from putting their lives at risk by trespassing on a major industrial site. KCC is doing what it can to inform the communities of the dangers associated with illegal trespassing on major industrial concessions.

The safety and security of its employees, contractors and host communities is of paramount importance to KCC.

KCC will take all possible measures to ensure their safety and will continue to engage with all relevant stakeholders.

KCC is committed to acting responsibly in a manner that respects human rights and in line with its commitments to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

The incident has not had an impact on production.