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Consulmet takes XRT technology to greater heights

Having established itself within the diamond sector as a leading player in the implementation of XRTs, Consulmet is looking to enhance the performance of this technology even further.

Having secured a partnership with wet processing equipment specialist CDE in Ireland in May this year, the company now has the distribution rights to beneficial technologies and equipment that will significantly enhance the performance of XRTs for alluvial diamond mines and start-up kimberlite mines, writes LAURA CORNISH.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 7, 2019
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Consulmet’s motivation to secure a partnership with CDE is two-fold. “Not only does CDE give us access to a world-class range of process equipment well suited to the diamond industry, it also provides us with a solution to remain competitive in an environment which is seeing traditional equipment suppliers create their own process capabilities,” says Consulmet CEO Derek Lahee.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 7, 2019
Read the full digimag here or subscribe to receive a print copy here

Having determined the necessity to partner with an equipment provider whose solutions were aligned with its own process engineering requirements, Consulmet deemed CDE the perfect fit.

“In addition to their product offering, CDE’s business model and work ethic complement our company perfectly. Their focus on execution speed, quality products and flexibility around purpose-built project solutions is on par with ours. In return, Consulmet offers CDE an easier entrance into the African mining market,” adds Consulmet director Wildu Mostert.

Thanks to Lahee and Mostert’s long-standing relationship with Wayne Warren, Business Development Manager for sub-Saharan Africa at CDE, entering into the partnership was a smooth and seamless process, especially as the company has an established base, CDE South Africa Pty in the region.

Taking XRT to the next level

While XRT technology has proven itself a widespread success in large diamond recovery, its technology is based on identifying diamonds as a carbon-based material.

This presents a challenge for near-surface miners whose feed material contains a variety of other carbon/organic materials which the XRT is unable to distinguish from diamonds.

“This creates downstream challenges with the sorting process” Mostert confirms.

To efficiently address this challenge, Consulmet installed CDE’s staple high-tech scrubbing and attrition system, the AggMax modular logwasher, at the front of the XRT.  Designed as the feed preparation stage for the XRT, it can effectively remove non-diamond organic material.

Its design has been re-engineered to overcome challenges associated with its original performance and size which now extends to 300 tph.

“The spiral shape has been enhanced, the materials of construction for the paddles now comprise tungsten tips, and the mechanical construction – specifically the bearing assemblies – has been improved as well. It can now also be fully automated,” Lahee outlines.

Having recently installed a CDE scrubbing and attrition system at a new diamond project in South Africa, both directors confirm the technology is a significant success in delivering on its outlined requirements.

Another equipment range Consulmet is keen to incorporate into its process designs is the CDE R-range of electrically driven primary Feeder/Scalpers that can handle sticky and difficult to process material and allow it to continue moving through the plant without blockages and interruptions to the process.

Originally designed to handle building rubble in the construction industry, it is a natural solution for the mining sector and would enhance the performance of the AggMax and in turn the XRT as well.

“In essence, we have added a variety of cost effective and innovative ranges of equipment to our offering which complement our design criteria for the diamond sector. And while we regard the benefits of this equipment as significant, we remain first and foremost a project house, which means the process will always determine our designs and equipment choices. We will never compromise our process integrity,” Lahee concludes.