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Diamcor announces completion of phase one upgrades

Diamcor Mining has completed the installation of the first phase of planned upgrades ahead of schedule at the Company’s Krone Endora at Venetia Project.

The initial upgrades, originally targeted for completion by the end of September 2021, are aimed at providing the Company with the potential to increase the Project’s processing volumes by up to 100%.

The upgrades included the installation of a new materials handling step (scrubbing), improvement and expansion of the diamond concentration system, the installation of a new electronic diamond x-ray recovery unit, and various other refinements aimed at lowering water and power consumption on a per ton basis.

All items of this first phase of upgrades are now operational and demonstrate their ability to achieve the desired processing volume increases. Final commissioning and minor refinements are expected to be completed over the coming weeks.

“We are very pleased with the efforts of our entire operational team under the direction of our COO, Dr. Kurt Petersen, and their ability to not only achieve these upgrades ahead of schedule, but also deliver the recent strong dollar per carat and gross revenue numbers to allow us to fund these efforts while dealing with the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic”, stated Dean Taylor, Diamcor CEO.

“Our focus will now shift to demonstrating the benefits of these efforts and their potential to increase rough diamond recoveries and revenue growth moving forward”.

Phase One Expansion highlights:

Log-Washer Installation. The log-washer unit has been installed and replaces the large rotary wet scrubber with an aim to improve the removal of unwanted grit and soils prior to the introduction of gravels to the diamond concentration step. This item has been tested to full capacity and has demonstrated its ability to exceed planned throughput expectations.

Dense Medium System Expansion. Expansion of the Project’s DMS has been completed to effectively double throughput. A full recommissioning of the system was also successfully completed to ensure that efficient operation is not compromised at planned higher processing levels.

Water and Power Footprint Reduced. Additional streamlining of the Project’s processing plant included the removal of redundant pumps and systems to reduce the water and power footprint. Continued processing efficiencies in this area are seen as an essential element needed to support future upgrades and processing increases at the Project.

Final Recovery Upgrades and X-ray Machine Installation. The addition of a new electronic X-ray diamond recovery machine was completed to support the phase one increases in processing volumes. Historical auditing of processed tailings highlighted a need to address final recovery inefficiencies, and thus the decision to implement upgraded technology in this area. Final commissioning over the next several weeks will ensure that increased volumes in this area are sustainable and diamond recovery is not compromised. Additional X-ray machines will also be added during the next phase of planned upgrades.

Improved Processing Flexibility. The considerably improved capabilities of the upgraded processing plant are also aimed at providing greater flexibility in addressing variations in the mineral deposit and the processing of various gravel types in the corresponding broader areas of the Project.

Support of Planned Phase Two Upgrades. The Company believes these initial upgrades will achieve the desired phase one goals as planned and serve as the building blocks for a planned second larger phase aimed at further enhancing throughput and processing volumes.