Equipped with automatic priming and solids handling capability, the Sykes Xtra High Head pump is ideal for harsh dewatering applications

Normal mining operations continue at a Lesotho mine thanks to the quick delivery of a rapid dewatering solution.

A constant flow of water into the mine’s pit area demanded that water be urgently and reliably pumped out.

A fuel-efficient Sykes Xtra High Head pump set was chosen for the job, pumping into a 200 mm HDPE line with a head of 127 metres to a holding dam.

According to Integrated Pump Rental’s Andre Strydom, time was of the essence to the customer.

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“We secured this dewatering contract due to our quick and effective response,” Strydom says.

“The Sykes XH150 unit was on site and commissioned just 24 hours after receiving the call from the customer.”

There was also a long term relationship with the customer, who was confident of the dewatering rental equipment available in the fleet.

Strydom highlights that as mines and quarries become deeper conditions require a solution like the Sykes XH150.

With its automatic priming and solids handling capacity, it is designed to dewater more efficiently and effectively.

“The unit has one of the best shaft stiffness ratios of any automatic priming pump on the market,” he says.

“Sykes engineers have ensured that the enormous pressures and heads associated with such performance do not compromise seal integrity through shaft flexing.”

All models have the ability to operate unattended at high discharge heads.

The pumps can be primed with long suction hoses and can manage suction lifts of up to nine metres. The units can even run dry for extended periods due to the oil bath mechanical seal assembly.

Designed for robust and reliable performance with high volumes of water, Sykes pumps have an established reputation for the fast and effective control and removal of sub-surface water. 

The pumps can even operate in ‘snore’ condition, which accommodates fluctuating suction levels. In these conditions, the pump will snore until the liquid is available for the pump to fully re-prime itself automatically.

“Our service levels and experience made the whole operation smooth and effortless,” Strydom says. “We strive to provide that ‘extra mile’ that a customer is looking for.”