Gem diamonds

The seven large, top-quality and fancy coloured diamonds recovered in 2021 and weighing 620 carats from the Lulo alluvial mine were offered for sale via tender organised by Sodiam in Luanda.

The diamonds on the tender achieved a total sales price of US$21.4 million, representing an average price of US$34,548 / carat.

The prices achieved for the Lulo diamonds reflect the strong diamond market post the height of the pandemic in 2020, where rough diamond prices have continued to strengthen on the back of low rough supplies and returning consumer demand

This sale brings total sales for the six months to date to US$38.8 million at an average price of US$3,275 / carat, cementing Lulo’s position as the highest price alluvial production globally.

Lucapa Diamond Company’s Managing Director, Stephen Wetherall, comments:

“The exceptional sale result, which is the largest single sale event ever for Lulo, demonstrates the strong demand for unique, large and high quality natural diamond productions such as those of Lulo and Mothae.”