Lucapa Lulo
113 carat gem-quality white Lulo diamond

ASX-listed Lucapa Diamond Company and its partners have recovered a 113 carat diamond from its Lulo alluvial mine in Angola.

This is the 17th +100 carat white diamond recovered by Sociedade Mineria Do Lulo (SML) from Lulo.

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The 113 carat gem-quality white stone is the 1st +100 ct diamond recovered from Mining Block 46, immediately downstream of the Canguige river. It is particularly significant, as it shows that these large and high-value diamonds continue to occur right up to the current focus area of our kimberlite exploration program.

This recovery builds on the performance of Lulo in the latter half of 2020 and bodes well for the coming months as mining focuses on the southern terrace mining blocks during the wet season.