Pilot Crushtec Metso

Crushing and screening specialist Pilot Crushtec, the southern African distributor of Metso products, says the Metso Lokotrack ST2.8 mobile scalping screen has been a product to be reckoned with since its launch.

With particularly good application in the diamond sector, the Lokotrack ST2.8 came out on top during field trials where the machine was put through its paces at a number of alluvial diamond operations in South Africa’s Northern Cape. CHANTELLE KOTZE writes.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 11, 2019
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Scalping screens act as primary screens in a host of different applications as a means to scalp out oversized and waste material, in some cases up to 600 mm and larger, explains Jorge Abelho, director – technical director  at Pilot Crushtec.

With very sticky materials, large oversize river boulders and challenging site conditions, the Lokotrack ST2.8 performs well in Africa’s alluvial diamond sector where operations require reliability, efficiency and high production consistently.

To prove the Lokotrack ST2.8 Mobile scalping screen’s capabilities to the diamond industry, Pilot Crushtec ran product demonstrations on a number of alluvial diamond mining clients’ sites at no cost to the client.

The first test was done on kimberlite – an extremely wet and sticky substrate. The demo machine was configured with 55 mm and 75 mm Bofar bars on the top deck and a 35 mm Rapid screen on the bottom deck.

This proved to be effective in removing the clay clumps from the kimberlite and the scalper production figures averaging over 500 tph.

The second test was conducted on very dry and dusty material which contained a high-percentage of iron ore, commonly called ‘Rooikoppie’.

The scalper was able to process a maximum throughput of 850 tph compared with the average 670 tph achieved on the site with a competitor product – a +25% increase in productivity.

The scalper also reduced the processing time from 8 hours to 3.4 hours to achieve daily required tonnages. The saving on operating costs from decreased running time was a result of the scalping efficiency provided by the aggressive 15 mm stroke and the large 11m3 feed hopper on the scalper.

The third site provided for a mixed material input from very wet to very dry material. During the trial, the team recorded a test period of 37 buckets, of 1.3 m3 in 10 minutes without blinding off on the meshes – a problem experienced with the client’s current machines.

The machine thereafter processed dry material followed by a de-sanding application by changing to meshes on the bottom deck, showing its versatility and ability to transition between a scalper to a sand screen during the course of a single shift.

From the ease of use and ability to handle all types of media to its aggressive 15 mm stroke, versatility of media options, ease of maintenance, large 11m3 feed hopper, dynamic two or three way split combined with Pilot Crushtec’s aftermarket support and the ability to handle all types of media, prove why the Metso Lokotrack ST2.8 is a market leader in scalping.

Combined with the five-year, 10 000-hour Metso EPS (extended protection services warranty) the Lokotrack ST2.8 is an effective alluvial diamond screening solution for Africa’s harsh and varying conditions, says Pilot Crushtec sales and marketing director Francois Marais.

Since July 2018, Pilot Crushtec has sold 15 Metso Lokotrack ST2.8 mobile scalping screens into the Southern Africa market, earning the company the title of Metso’s number 1 scalping sales dealer in the world and showing just how popular this scalper is in the African environment for so many operators.