Diamonds & Gemstones

Diamond and Gemstones includes, diamonds, gemstones, coloured gemstones, ruby, emerald, sapphire and zircon. Diamonds includes diamond mining, diamond processing, kimberlite, alluvial diamond mining, cutting and polishing, beneficiation, diamond sorting, x-ray sorting, laboratory grown diamonds, lab grown diamonds, synthetic diamonds, diamond exploration, blockchain, Kimberley Process, diamond fingerprinting, diamond tailings, rough diamonds, blood diamonds, diamond tender.


470 carat diamond recovered from Karowe

Year to date, Karowe has produced 10 diamonds greater than 100 carats.

New CEO announced for TOMRA

Current president and CEO, Stefan Ranstrand, will be replaced by Tove Andersen by 1 November this year at the latest

BREAKING NEWS: Minister of Mines to speak at DRC Mining Week...

The country’s first female mining minister will speak at the opening keynote on 14 June.

The DRC Mining Week Online programme is guaranteed to inform you on latest industry hot topics, to inspire you and to strike...

Amedeo Anniciello, the Chief Executive of Standard Bank in the DRC talks about the lessons of COVID-19. Standard Bank is a longstanding...

“We have ensured content for our online sessions in June is relevant, what the industry wants and needs and, very importantly, is interactive.

How to get foreign direct investment in mining right?

South Africa attracted only R2.5 billion of new investment in 2020, a sharp 45% drop from the 2019 figure of R4.6 billion.

Basil Read’s Blasting & Excavating: Breaking big in the DRC

"Our quality services in remote areas are unparalleled and we are looking to share this critical service value with the industry."

Air supply: The redefining of ventilation

“We are striving to change the industry’s mindset on the use of such fans to ensure proper fan selection for the ventilation required."
Cullinan Petra Diamonds

What is the sales process for Cullinan’s 39.34ct Type IIb blue...

Petra has announced the sales process for the 39.34 carat exceptional Type IIb blue diamond recovered at Cullinan Diamond Mine.

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