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Engen’s 1-Card offers cashless fuel payments in Africa

Africa Engen, one of the fastest growing petroleum brands and convenience marketers in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands – offers commercial customers in Africa a reliable and safe cashless payment system in the form of their 1-Card.

This card system has been giving peace of mind and control to fleet managers across the continent for over four years. Developed to offer the most secure payment system, 1-Card is able to operate in areas where connectivity is not always optimal.

“We wanted to give our loyal customers the convenience of cashless payments, eliminating the need for drivers in their fleet to carry money and allowing them to have better control over their fuel expenditure through our reporting system,” says Drikus Kotze, General Manager of Engen’s International Business Division.

“The 1-Card ensures a safe and convenient way for fleet managers to control their fuel spend in the countries in which we operate.”

Administered by Engen, the 1-Card costs a fraction of bank-issued petrol cards and has no transactional fees or monthly administration charges to our customers. The system can be tailored to the individual needs of each fleet – whether a pre or post-paid account is preferred. Fleet managers have improved control over fleet expenses as they can now determine when and where each 1-Card can be used as well as how much can be spent on the card. In addition, fleet operating businesses are able to receive a monthly itemised report with an overview of fuel expenditure.

The system uses an advanced technology platform which is able to accommodate offline functioning. The chip technology on the 1-Card ensures that all of the information needed at point of sale is stored on the card, necessary in areas where connectivity is unstable at times. This information is relayed to Engen’s servers at least once a day.

Additionally, each card is issued with a unique pin number and a vehicle identification tag which is affixed to the fleet vehicles windscreen and scanned during the transaction. Each tag is specific to the card and  cannot be used without scanning the tag. Besides the savings when compared to banking products, Kotze says that companies using the system can claim savings from the reduction in fraud.

“The 1-Card ensures a safe and convenient way for fleet managers to control their fuel spend in the countries in which we operate.”

“The pin and chip technology which we use together with the vehicle identification tag renders the 1-Card useless if it falls into the wrong hands,” adds Kotze. “There is no fail-safe method of preventing fuel theft, but these features give our customer’s unprecedented piece of mind.”

The 1-Card offering is available at Engen sites in the following countries within which Engen operates: Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Reunion, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe,  and can be applied for at Engen offices in these countries.

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