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Kibo Mining Mbeya power plant O&M expression of interest well received

Tanzania – This process finalisation is another milestone achievement for the MCPP and is focused on developing the operations and maintenance (O&M) agreement for the Mbeya power plant.

The Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) was launched in order to assess the appetite of the market for O&M services to the 2 x 150 MW coal fired power plant as part of the MCPP.

The REOI was sent to a number of pre-selected leading service providers in the O&M third party market, on the basis of their established international track record as third party O&M service providers for coal fired power plants. It received positive expressions of interest from 90% of the companies approached, with one company declining the opportunity on the basis of capacity constraints.

This constitutes a positive reaction from the market and indicates strong confidence in the project.

“The further development of the Mbeya power station, post – DPFS, involves the parallel development and finalisation of the EPC and O&M contractual arrangements,” says Louis Coetzee, CEO of Kibo Mining.

“We are delighted to note that the response to our invitation for expressions of interest, from leading international O&M providers, indicated a strong market interest in the MCPP, but also confirmed the robustness of the project based on the willingness of prospective O&M contractors to commit for the entire life of plant i.e. 25 years,”