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Operational improvements for Goldplat plc Kilimapesa mine complete

Kenya – Goldplat plc, the AIM listed African gold producer, has announced operational improvements at its Kilimapesa Gold operation.

The dewatering and equipping of the Teng-Teng decline shaft and existing reef drives has been completed.

This area (which falls within the Kilimapesa exploration license) is known to be high grade and Goldplat will re-commence the on-reef exploration started by the previous owners with a view to increasing resources and ultimately providing mining flexibility and a high-grade feed to the processing plant.

The cross-cut at ‘Adit D’ encountered unstable ground and the decision was taken, for safety reasons, to close it permanently. The cross-cut has been re-accessed successfully from a new adit, at a point beyond the unstable ground.

The area where the new adit has intersected the old cross-cut is currently being made safe and will be cleared and equipped to ensure safety and stability going forward. This new adit and cross-cut will provide access to six additional reef drives which will be used to delineate a new level of mining which will increase production and flexibility.

Gerard Kisbey-Green, CEO of Goldplat plc commented: “With intense scrutiny now being given to the planning, prioritising, and completion of capital projects on time and within budget, the new momentum is pleasing and we look forward to seeing the results in increased flexibility, production and profitability at our leading South African gold recovery operation.”

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