Tanzanian MP’s force mining debate

[img:Tanzania%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|The new Tanzanian
parliamentary chamber,
where the country’s mining
industry will be debated
]Dar es Salaam, Tanzania --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 14 July 2008 - The Tanzanian government has yielded to pressure by MPs to have a presidential commission report on mining debated so they can have a say on the final recommendations and implementation of the proposed sweeping changes in the mining sector. The Judge Bomani mining sector review report, which recommends an overhaul of the country’s mining laws, will now be discussed in parliament.

Exciting uranium prospect in Tanzania

[img:Mantra%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|A Mantra drill at
work in southern
]Perth, Australia --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 20 June 2008 - First results of an extensive 2008 drilling programme by Mantra Resources Limited – an Australian-listed emerging uranium explorer with a portfolio of quality projects in southern Africa – confirm highly promising potential for the establishment of a uranium mine at the Mkuju river prospect in southern Tanzania.

Randgold moves ahead with Miyabi project

[img:1Randgold%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|Exploration underway
at Miyabi in
]London, England --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 04 June 2008 - International gold mining and exploration company Randgold Resources Limited has completed its phase one exploration programme on the Miyabi gold project in the Lake Victoria goldfields of Tanzania, and has elected to enter the earn-in phase.

Mining tax and royalty increase in Tanzania

[img:Tulawaka_0.jpg|The pit at Barrick’s
Tulawaka gold mine –
one of the major mining
operations in Tanzania
]Dar es Salaam, Tanzania --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 03 June 2008 - Tanzania should increase royalties and grant fewer tax exemptions for new investors, in the opinion of the panel reviewing the east African country's mining industry.

The 12-member panel has completed an assessment it started in November to determine how Tanzania can increase income from the mining of gold, diamonds, tanzanite and other minerals.

More mining exploration likely in Eritrea

[img:Eritrea%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|The world class Bisha
gold deposit in Eritrea
]Asmara, Eritrea --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 19 May 2008 - Eritrea is to decide this year on five more applications for mining exploration licences from companies in South Africa, Canada and China.
Reporting from here, Reuters quoted energy and mines minister Tesfai Ghebreselassie as saying: “The interest is very good, from many quarters." He added that decisions on the mining applications would be taken soon – “certainly before the end of this year.”

Tanzania revises mining taxes

[img:Barrick1.thumbnail.jpg|The pit at Barrick’s
Tulawaka gold mine
in Tanzania
]Dar es Salaam, Tanzania --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 19 May 2008 - Tanzania is the latest African country to review royalties, taxes and the general tax structure relating to its bustling mining industry.

Bloomberg News reports that Tanzanian Foreign Minister Mustafa Mkulo will probably make an announcement in his budget next month on likely revisions to the country's tax structure for mining companies.

Russian giant looks at Africa

[img:Rusal%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|Interior shot at the
Mozal aluminium smelter
in Mozambique
]London, England --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 06 May 2008 - The Russian aluminium giant United Co. Rusal plans to expand its operations in Africa, in the wake of reviving a smelter in Nigeria, reports Bloomberg News.

The news agency quotes the Financial Times (FT) citing an interview with Rusal director of corporate strategy Artem Volynets. He is reported to have told the FT that Rusal was seeking sites for additional smelters, and places to mine bauxite, the principal ore used to make aluminium.

Gold mining to start in Uganda

[img:Uganda_0.jpg|Gold – about to
come to Uganda
]Kampala, Uganda --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 21 April 2008 - History will be made in Uganda later this year when the first gold mining operation is launched in the Mubende district of the central part of the country.

Reporting on this development here, internet agency allAfrica,com quoted a senior official in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development – Joshua Tuhumwine – as revealing that gold mining will commence in October in Kamalenge in the Kassanda country of the Mubende district.

Concern over Tanzania’s mining future

[img:Tulawaka_0.jpg|The pit at Tulawaka
gold mine – one of
several Barrick
operations in
]Dar es Salaam, Tanzania --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 08 April, 2008 - Tanzanian government action to raise mining taxes will work directly against the country’s aspirations of attracting foreign investment and becoming one of the mining giants of Africa, and it should concentrate instead on providing the infrastructure required to support the country’s mining industry.

Tanzanite mining ban partially lifted in Tanzania

[img:Tanzanite%20%28Latest%29%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|Processing plant on
Tanzanite One’s
Merelani Mine,
which was unaffected
by the floods
]Arusha, Tanzania --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 07 April, 2008 - The Tanzanian government has partially lifted the ban on small-scale tanzanite mining, imposed after flooding left 41 miners dead and 25 others missing last weekend in a remote tanzanite mine at Merelani, in northern Tanzania.

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