GK Ancuabe Graphite Mine
An aerial view of the GK Ancuabe Graphite Mine processing plant in Ancuabe, Mozambique.
The mine and its processing plant, located in the mineral rich province of Cabo Delgado, are operated by GK Ancuabe Graphite Mine.

GK Ancuabe Graphite Mine is the first mining company to start mining and processing graphite in Mozambique.

The company is a subsidiary of the German company AMG Graphit Kropfmuehl, an operating division of AMG and an affiliate of Alterna Capital Partners.

GK Ancuabe Graphite Mine’s representative Geert Klok says that the company invested EUR$12 million in the rehabilitation and expansion of the Ancuabe mine.

The mine’s processing plant has a name plate capacity of 9 000 tpa. The company already employs 100 people, most of who are from the surrounding villages.

Another development, the US$200 million the Balama graphite project, sits on a 110 km2 granted mining concession located within the Cabo Delgado province in the district of Balama in northern Mozambique. It is wholly-owned by Syrah Resources’ locally registered company Twigg Exploration & Mining Limitada.

After acquiring the property late in 2011, Syrah Resources spent the next three years drilling and exploring the site and subsequently confirmed the largest graphite resource in the world – “enough to operate comfortably for well over 50 years,” says Strange.

And while its size alone is significant, Balama’s grade is also one of the highest – with a life-of-mine total graphite content (TGC) of about 19%, this is nearly double the grade of ‘typical’ graphite deposits in China and Brazil.

The project is nearing 80% completion with an on-site workforce peaking at about 1 900 people (comprising a large local contingency).

The fact that the Balama graphite project is expected to operate in Mozambique for many decades means that Syrah Resources is invested in the country for the long haul. The money it invests in its employees, the local community and the environment will all pay handsome dividends for them and the country further down the line.

In particular, the company is largely committed to employing local community members. Of the 550 people directly employed by the company at present, 73% are from the eight host communities local to the mining concession.

Feature image credit: GK Ancuabe Graphite Mine

An aerial view of the GK Ancuabe Graphite Mine processing plant in Ancuabe, Mozambique.