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Syrah Resources opens Balama graphite operation

ASX-listed Syrah Resources has officially opened the Balama graphite operation in Mozambique.

The inauguration event held onsite at the Balama graphite operation on 12 April 2018 was attended by the President of Mozambique, His Excellency Filipe Nuyusi, the Governor of Cabo Delgado, His Excellency Júlio José Parruque, the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, his Excellency Ernesto Tonela, dignitaries and guests from Cabo Delgado, Balama District and local communities.

Nuyusi said, “Today all the attention of Mozambique is on Balama because of this inauguration. It is not every day that a president inaugurates a project of this size and this plant is the biggest (graphite plant) in the world. Syrah Resources came and it will stay and this operation will completely change the lives of the people of the District of Balama.”

Syrah Resources non-executive director, Jose Caldeira, said, “The success of the Balama graphite operation is testament to the support received from the Mozambique Government and its commitment to creating and maintaining a stable long term political and fiscal environment. This success sends a very strong message to the international investment community that Mozambique is an attractive and viable location for foreign investment and trade.”

He also added, “Syrah Resources has made a long-term commitment to Mozambique, via the delivery of the Balama graphite operation, and is genuinely committed to the sustainability of the operation for the benefit of the people of Mozambique.

“Our respect for the environment and the health and safety of our people is testament to this commitment and is at the core of the company’s operating philosophy.”

MD and CEO of Syrah Resources, Shaun Verner, said, “The opening ceremony of the Balama graphite operation marks the official commencement of the world’s premier natural graphite operation, providing a major source diversification of high quality flake and fines graphite into the global market.

“We would like to thank the Mozambique government and our local host communities for their ongoing support.”

“That the President of Mozambique, the Governor of Cabo Delgado and the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy are here to mark the occasion is testament to the importance of the operation both to the Mozambican economy, and to the satisfaction of industrial and energy storage demand globally,” he concluded.