Powermite, a specialist industrial plugs and sockets manufacturer and supplier for over 30 years, proudly highlights its range of metal and plastic products manufactured by AMPCO.

Catering to Sub-Sahara Africa’s customers in the commercial, mining and industrial sectors, the renowned AMPCO metal range is locally manufactured from aluminium and comprises CEE type metal plug and socket outlets, DIN and Swedish plugs and sockets, as well as explosion proof plugs and sockets with isolators.

“We are highly enthusiastic about this cutting-edge metal offering which positions Powermite, a member of the Hudaco group of companies, as a single-source supplier of complete engineered solutions,” states Donovan Marks, Director of Powermite.

Kicking off the metal range is the AMPCO CEE type metal plug and socket outlets. This robust 32 to 250Amp collection is perfectly suited for arduous environments typically found in mines (underground and surface), steel works and ship yards where high heat and rough conditions exist.

The extensive range includes plug tops, switched dual mechanical interlocked socket outlets, integrated circuit breaker and earth leakage models as well as switched dual mechanical interlocked socket outlets with contractor and overload options.

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Bearing testament to Powermite’s belief in superior-quality, these products comply with all international standards and certifications: SANS 1239:2004 and SANS/IEC 60309-1+2, 1999 and IEC 60309-1 (EN 60309 part 1) and IEC 60309-2 (EN 60309 part 2).

Marks adds that these CEE type metal plug and socket outlets are also compatible with non-AMPCO products carrying the same accreditations as all manufactures adopt the same clock hour positions for the earth position and relative operating voltage.

All the units are offered in standardised pin and voltage configurations and are either IP44 (splashproof) or IP67 (dust tight and temporary immersion) rated. The epoxy powder coated housing contributes to an extended lifespan particularly in corrosive coastal environments.

All springs and screws are cadmium plated while the inserts are manufactured from brass and placed into Amplast insulation making these units heat resistant and robust.

“Our products are designed with safety in mind to ensure the protection of operators as well as their equipment,” notes Marks. All switch sockets are available with electrical interlock and under-voltage relay which can prevent automatic reconnection after a power failure.

Marks also explains that an integrated earth leakage/circuit breaker unit will provide protection for both the operator as well as the equipment.

Furthermore, the tripped socket will only render one user out of order instead of a chain of sockets as in the case where one earth leakage unit protects a chain of socket outlets.

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Rounding up the Powermite product stable are cable reeling systems, specialised reeling cables, festoon systems, as well as flexible mining cables. In addition to South Africa and neighbouring counties including Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, and Namibia, the Johannesburg head office, supported by a country-wide branch network delivers world-class service and after-sales service to customer in the DRC, UK, Malaysia and Singapore.