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A decade ago the concept of autonomous driving and full electric vehicle (EV) fleets was very much a vision.

Now it is a reality, with ABB leading the charge in developing new technology and integrated solutions that will continue to drive our EV future.

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ABB helped to shape this young industry from the start, and over the years has delivered many first-to-market technologies in DC fast charging.

“We will see a marked shift, where everything is connected electrically, and shared mobility becomes the norm. As we transition towards e-mobility, fleet management will improve and we will see less traffic through a higher degree of car sharing, which will help to build our sustainable world,” comments Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s Global E-Mobility.

ABB entered the EV charging market in 2010 when it launched its pioneering DC charger. Now more than 14 000 ABB DC fast chargers are sold across more than 80 countries, from Peru to Rwanda.

“Over recent years we have seen a marked shift in consumer perceptions, with the environment having a greater value than it has ever had before. People want to live in a cleaner, less noisy and less polluted environment and are willing to take steps to make this happen.

“This is where EV comes into its own. It will continue to drive increasing demand for EVs compared with traditional combustion engines, together with a demand for longer-range and high-er-power charging through larger battery sizes,” highlights Muehlon.

“Looking ahead, we will also see a big shift in market share, with 25% to 30% of new vehicles hitting the market being electric. Some industry experts predict that this could be as high as 50%, which demonstrates the true poten-tial of EV to create a more sustainable world,” concludes Muehlon.