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Cummins Southern Africa announced a positive outlook for 2018 in the Southern African region. Indicators are consolidating for the company’s key markets where an increase in mining activity, equipment rebuilds, the appreciation of the oil price and the progress of major infrastructure and power projects bear testament to a favourable business environment.

“Despite difficult market conditions last year, Cummins performed very well by exceeding our sales forecasts and increasing our investments in the region,” comments Cummins Southern Africa MD Thierry Pimi.

“We are totally committed to the African continent and will continue to grow our business and innovate new solutions for our customers.

“We have full confidence in the market as current political developments drive predominantly pro-business and pro-regulatory reforms in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Angola.

“We anticipate an improved relationship between the business community and the new government in the country which we are confident will lead to a swifter resolution of the Mining charter dispute.

“We look forward to seeing this leading to increased investments in the country,” he continues.

Cummins Southern Africa continues to invest significantly in capabilities and developing people to provide world class aftermarket support to customers in the region.

The company is on track to commissioning its new Johannesburg flagship facility at Waterfall City in October 2018.

This new facility will also serve as the launch pad for brand reinforcement to attract the best talent in the region.

“Moreover, several strategic initiatives are currently being set in motion. With the best people, we will continue to deliver world class service in the region and honour our promise to our customers,” notes Pimi.

“In 2018 we will more aggressively drive our transformation agenda in South Africa with some key milestones set for completion by the end of Q2,” Pimi adds.

The regional channel strategy execution will continue into 2018 and with the recent integration of the Angolan operations, Cummins Southern Africa will now cover the entire Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Plans are also in place to boost the company’s presence in Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Mauritius with increased human capital, improved capability and the availability of parts and whole goods on the ground to more effectively support customers.

With a strong brand built up over almost a decade, Cummins Southern Africa has a powerful presence in the region in the areas of power generation, mining, automotive, marine and aftermarket support.

The company announced new high tech innovative solutions from various divisions within Cummins Southern Africa, ensuring the highest levels of service are delivered to its customers.

Mining Southern Africa

The CSARO mining activity, led by Andre Kuhn, announced the development and rollout of an advanced fault finding electronic support tool which identifies the origin of technical glitches and the parts required to repair it.

The IPad device reduces downtime, improves efficiency and provides cost savings for the customer.

Furthermore, he explains that the introduction of telematics, or DEMS (Data Enabled Mining Solutions), monitors the vital statistics and performance of an engine remotely, thereby presenting early warnings of potential engine downtime.

The customer is then able to optimise engine availability and component life while minimising engine downtime.

Power generation

The Cummins power generation activity in Southern Africa, led by Robin Kuriakose, announced the largest single unit genset, the C3750 powered by a 95 liter engine, would be installed and commissioned by mid-2018. This is a first for Southern Africa.

“We will continue to drive a culture of excellence in our business performance, while working as a cohesive team and living our core value of diversity and inclusion,” comments Pimi.

“It is our vision for Southern Africa to continually exceed our client expectations through world class professionalism from a diverse and highly motivated team.

“We continue to develop and engineer new solutions in support of our clients’ wide range of needs.

“We are enthusiastic and optimistic about this year as we see a positive business environment which has assured customers, improved investor confidence and accelerated business growth in Southern Africa.

“I am confident that 2018 will be another great year and that we will continue to innovate to power our customers’ success,” notes Pimi.