For the last six decades Dupleix Liquid Meters (DLM), a proudly South African organisation, has embodied quality and service when it comes to providing its customers with the right products.

DLM is renowned for having the right solutions for overpressure protection; flow, level and density measurement; automation and control requirements and maintains a substantial stock holding with a branch infrastructure capable of providing skilled technical and sales service.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 1, 2020

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As a company that employed just eight people when it began as Dupleix Valves in 1960 and then merging with SA Liquid Meters back in the 1980s, DLM has grown into an organisation that now employees over 150 staff members around South Africa.

As the company began to grow, so did the need to focus on a metering brand that best represents the quality and professionalism that DLM offers in its products and services.

The new re-brand of DLM was launched to the public at the end of 2018 and has over the last year established a more proficient standing in the market.

Over time the company has developed into three divisions namely Valves, Flow and Instrumentation.

Valves: DLM’s extensive range covers all operating types and is available in a wide variety of materials to suit different media, pressure and temperature requirements.

It is one of southern Africa’s leading suppliers of valves, pneumatic actuators and accessories as well as instrument valves and fittings for severe service applications in the mining industry.

Flow: DLM’s Flow division focuses on the southern African petrochemical market for accurate measurement and control of fuel. It delivers a technologically superior range of products and solutions that are sourced both locally and internationally to meet the demanding liquid custody transfer applications for fuel distribution, rail and road transport. Terminal automation and reconciliation software is also offered to complete the fuel depot requirements. 

Instrumentation: DLM’s Instrumentation division focuses on industrial and process field instrumentation for flow, level, temperature and pressure measurement as well as specialized instruments for moisture analysis and control. Refractometers for concentration measurement and interface detection and a full range of boiler control equipment.

With over 40 local and international suppliers in its portfolio, DLM is always looking to provide a full package solution for its customers and has recently added new product lines to its range such as smart positioners for control valves, solenoid valves and pressure and temperature gauges.

DLM has also been active with the engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) companies and has worked together with them on large mining projects in South Africa, Madagascar, Namibia, the DRC, Zambia and has a physical presence in both Namibia and Madagascar. 

The company has spent a number of years focusing on the mining segment and establishing infrastructure in South Africa to support the local industry.

“We want to continue on this growth track by strengthening our foothold on Africa and establishing business partnerships with local distributors in country. DLM is focused on placing the right resources and people in country to provide the best solution for all,” the company concludes.