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Eskom recognises the gravity of the recent outbreak of Covid-19, and the difficulties the country will have to endure in our endeavours to arrest the spread of the pandemic.

Eskom would like to assure its lenders that as an essential and critical services company, its operations will continue unimpeded by the national lockdown.

Financial commitments and obligations during and after the lockdown will be honoured as they fall due.

In this tumultuous period, its partnerships matter more than ever, and Eskom is grateful for continued support.

Together with its suppliers in the generation of electricity, chiefly coal miners, logistics companies and those involved in the supply of components and maintenance of power stations, Eskom has put the necessary measures in place to continue operating throughout the lockdown.

As such, it does not foresee any disruptions to power supply as a result of the lockdown.

In addition to the above, and in following the government’s lead through the National Institute for the Communicable Diseases, it has, for almost two weeks now, encouraged many of its workers who can work remotely to work from home.

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For those employees that have to come to Eskom facilities to perform their duties, it has put in measures to reduce the chances of introducing the virus to the workforce, including body temperature testing as employees arrive at work, making available adequate hand sanitisers that are located throughout its facilities and providing the necessary protective equipment to those who need it.

Eskom also has a Covid-19 employee engagement tool kit that updates employees regularly of developments specific to the company and generally on the pandemic.

This has been shared with other public sector entities who have found the toolkit very useful. In order to reduce the possibility and spread of infection, teams are kept strictly separated.

Further, should the need develop, Eskom has put in place measures where critical teams of employees may be accommodated in isolation and away from home and the rest of society to minimise the spread of infection.