Firestone Diamonds power
Liqhobong mine. Image supplied by Firestone Diamonds.

Firestone Diamonds advises that whilst every effort has been made over the past week to identify and to resolve the power issue, the Liqhobong mine remains without sufficient power to operate the processing plant.

Firestone Diamonds has therefore initiated contingency measures to restore power by alternative means within the coming weeks.

In the meantime Firestone Diamonds will continue to engage with both the Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC) and ESKOM, South Africa’s power utility to try to resolve the interruption of grid power to the mine.

Firestone Diamonds suffers production disruptions at Liqhobong

The Company has placed an order to hire diesel generator units with which to run the mine’s processing plant. All units are scheduled to arrive on site by the end of October and to be fully operational shortly thereafter, during early November.

The generators are expected to be used to generate power until grid power is restored from the Muela Hydropower Station, which we are informed will take place on 1 December 2019.

Firestone Diamonds: Liqhobong looks to the future

Normal operating costs are expected to increase by the cost of renting the gensets and of the associated diesel consumption.