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HUBER AUTOMOTIVE AG and RHAM EQUIPMENT: zero emission vehicle solutions

HUBER AUTOMOTIVE AG and RHAM EQUIPMENT are introducing the RUN-E ELECTRIC CRUISER in Africa. A battery electric Light-Duty-Vehicle for harshest environments – to support mines by cutting emissions and ensuring competitiveness at low OPEX.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series is well known and established in mining – valued for its reliability and robustness even under worst environmental conditions. Huber Automotive AG presents the advanced development of the Land Cruiser – the RUN-E Electric Cruiser.

The RUN-E Electric Cruiser is a battery electric Light Duty Vehicle based on the Toyota Land Cruiser chassis equipped with a powerful electric powertrain system. Performance, Reliability and Safety are key of this solution.

Prior introducing the Electric Cruiser as a series product, the vehicle solution has been tested globally in hard and soft rock mines for a period of 5 years. It’s fully homologated and certified according to highest automotive standards and provides superior performance in mining operations.

Safety is one of the major concerns of the mining industry especially regarding Li-Ion battery technology. The High-Voltage battery system of Huber includes severe safety layers and has been optimized for challenging Off-Highway applications. Significant amounts of tests regarding vibration, shock, environmental impacts, etc. have been executed to always ensure safe and reliable operations. One unique aspect is the early detection system for thermal runaways which informs the driver in case of a critical event.

Efficiency is the key to ensure a high utilization level – Huber’s experience and long-term history in OEM automotive controls guarantee a highly efficient powertrain operation. This provides a maximum range based on optimum power utilization.

The Electric Cruiser is made for underground and open pit mining. It comes with full functionality without any compromises. The battery size has been optimized for a driving range up to 150 km per shift. Therefore it’s ideally suited for multiple shift operations in mining. Per operation day ranges up to 490 km are feasible. In case the battery is empty it can be recharged fast within one hour – without the need of cost-intense fast-charging infrastructure. And with 45% gradeability and All-Wheel-Drive support it is capable to drive even under harshest conditions.

It’s the optimal fleet vehicle to cut energy and fuel costs significantly. At the same time, it ensures a high Health and Safety by avoiding noise and Diesel Particle Emissions especially in underground operations. The Electric Cruiser is today’s mining LDV solution which comes at competitive conditions and provides significant benefits compared with its Diesel pendants.

The RUN-E Electric is the ideal workhorse for every mine – already available as series product. With RHAM EQUIPMENT as local partner in South Africa the Electric Cruiser comes with excellent service and high-quality support dedicated for mining needs.