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Imagine an energy source that outshines solar and outlasts wind

When it comes to greener energy options, solar and wind seem to be the poster children.

However, while there is an abundance of these energy sources on the African continent, they are not as reliable as the public is made to believe.

For example, did you know that wind turbines cannot be recycled and that solar panels have to be discarded after 20 years? – Not very green you might say.

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And this brings me to nuclear as the preferred low carbon energy source with uranium as a key ingredient in this energy mix. Since the Fukishima disaster in 2011, nuclear has fallen out of favour as an energy source. However, this is slowly changing as new reactors are coming on board around the world.

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What is the reason for this turnaround that has also sparked a bullish market for the uranium price? What does this mean for Africa’s uranium projects?

These questions were answered in a recent Mining Review Africa webinar titled Uranium: A resurgence on the cards?

Want to know more? Simply click here to listen to the recording and find out why the future is bright for uranium and nuclear energy.

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