Kibo Energy has signed a collaboration agreement with ESS Tech to develop suitable base-load electricity storage solutions.

This agreement is in line with Kibo’s strategy of incorporating long-term renewable energy solutions into its existing coal power projects and is a critical component of its corporate strategy aimed at providing sustainable energy solutions that are environmentally and economically feasible.

Louis Coetzee, CEO of Kibo Energy comments, “The inclusion of renewable energy into power station designs allows for higher availability figures from a technical point of view and provides better fundability options.

“With this in mind and given that storage capacity is an essential component of realising renewable energy in base-load applications, we are delighted to have access to ESS’s technology.

“This opens new avenues for Kibo in terms of renewable co-generation with our coal power projects, an idea which is currently being developed for first application in the Benga Power Plant Project (BPPP), and ultimately provides us with a significant advantage over competitors.

“The addition of ESS to our partner team is a massive opportunity to establish the notion of co-located renewable and clean-burning fossil fuel base-load energy towards a single combined objective: sensible, sustainable, economic growth.

“ESS has a good understanding of the developing world; we are delighted to be working with its team and look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship.”


  • ESS selected as Kibo’s preferred electricity storage technology partner
  • Agreement opens new avenues for Kibo in terms of renewable co-generation with its coal power projects
  • ESS’ iron flow battery offers a multi-decade operating lifetime, as well as multi-cycle capabilities with no loss of performance, and is one of the safest batteries available, using only salt, iron and water
  • Initial focus on Kibo’s three African projects with the possibility of expanding into new opportunities in the future