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New hybrid power plant to deliver savings at Syama

ASX/LSE-listed Resolute Mining will partner with Aggreko for the development of a new hybrid modular power station at the company’s Syama Gold Mine in Mali.

The new power plant will combine world leading solar, battery and thermal generation technologies in one integrated power solution ensuring optimal efficiency, reduced energy costs, and positive environmental outcomes.

Work will commence in the current quarter and once fully operational, the new power plant is expected to reduce Syama’s power costs by approximately 40%.

The proposed timeline and associated power saving outcomes are consistent with the assumptions contained in the Syama Definitive Feasibility Study Update.

Resolute Mining MD and CEO, John Welborn, is pleased that the company had secured an innovative low-cost power solution for Syama:

“Identifying and adopting world class technologies to improve our operations is fundamental to achieving Resolute’s ambitions. We are delighted to be partnering with Aggreko in delivering a lower cost and more environmentally friendly power solution for our Syama Gold Mine.

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“The new Syama hybrid power solution will lower our power costs at Syama by approximately 40% while significantly reducing our carbon emissions. Having worked together for several years, we know Aggreko is the right partner to support us as we integrate renewable energy into our Syama operation.”

The new hybrid modular power station will deliver cost effective, environmentally friendly, capital efficient power and long-term electricity cost savings of up to 40% while reducing carbon emissions by approximately 20%.

The new plant will be delivered in two stages. Stage 1 is expected to be completed in 2020 and will comprise the installation of three new thermal energy Modular Block generators and a battery storage system.

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The new Modular Block units will be fuelled using a refined heavy fuel oil (IFO 180) and will be installed alongside the existing Syama thermal power plant to allow seamless transition to the new solution. Replacing existing diesel thermal generation at Syama with modern intermediate fuel oil thermal generation is expected to increase efficiency by approximately 30%.

The new Modular Block units will provide 30 megawatts (MW) of power and will incorporate an additional 10MW Y-cube battery storage system. The battery will provide spinning reserve displacement.

The second stage will consist of the installation of an additional 10 MW Modular Block in 2022 and the construction of a 20 MW solar power system. Once the solar power system is installed, the 10 MW battery storage system will also manage the solar power contribution to the power system and smooth out fluctuations in solar power output to facilitate integration into the hybrid system.

The solar array is planned to be constructed on the surface of the existing Syama Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) thereby maximising positive environmental outcomes and augmenting Resolute’s rehabilitation program. The timeline on commencement of stage 2 will depend on the decommissioning of the existing TSF and is expected to be completed, at the latest, by 2023.

The site infrastructure layout of the new hybrid power plant will include space to accommodate an additional four 10MW Modular Block units, enabling the mine to add additional power capacity if needed to support future growth.