Enlit Africa opening session panel discussion

Energy minister Mantashe at Enlit Africa: “Energy security at centre of...

Mitigating climate change and a just energy transition are important themes at Enlit Africa.

WEG soft starter upgrades mill operation at SA process plant

A WEG SSW7000 medium voltage soft starter has ensured improved starting as well as lowered energy costs for a rod mill at...

Paladin Energy commences trading on US-based OTCQX Market

The OTCQX is the top market tier operated by OTC Market Group, Inc. in New York, on which over 11,000 US and global securities trade.
goviex nigeria

Nigerian Vice President bolsters Africa’s quest for global energy transition

“Nigeria and countries across Africa are committed to a net-zero future, especially given their vulnerability to climate change."

Renewable energy: Have mines got it right?

Which energy options are best suited for mining operations? Will mines ever operate on 100% renewable energy?

Energy efficiency technology – South Africa takes the gold

How do mining companies in South Africa compensate for the country's challenge without ‘breaking the bank’?

Copper, decarbonisation and dispute resolution

"If we are going to electrify the world and decarbonise this way, copper is the most important commodity taking over that role from oil.”
Enlit Africa keynote press release

Energy minister and Eskom chairman confirmed for Enlit Africa

Enlit Africa will kickstart its return with a visionary discussion on the “5Ds of the energy transition”, namely: decarbonisation, decentralisation, democratisation, digitalisation and deregulation.

Machine learning for predictive control in minerals processing

“While basic control provides adequate control in terms of plant safety, it rarely achieves optimal control in quality."

$68 million hydrogen industry mission fuels clean and bright future

The research mission will make fuel more affordable and helping to position Australia to lead the world in exporting hydrogen by 2030.

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