Ngonyezi Projects has entered into a Non-Consumptive Water Use Agreement with the Zimbabwe National Water Authority.

The purpose of the agreement is to install a combination of 2 000 MWh Pumped Storage Hydro and 300 MW Solar PV.

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The location of the installation is Osborne Dam on the Odzi river in Manicaland Province.

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“Storage is an essential part of a Renewable Energy Strategy and it is recommended that 30% of the installed Solar PV should be supported by storage,” says Tomas Persson, initiator of the project.

Pumped Storage Hydro (PSH) currently dominates total installed storage power capacity, with 96% of the total of 176 gigawatts (GW) installed globally in mid-2017.

The other electricity storage technologies already in significant use around the world include thermal storage, with 3.3 GW (1.9%); batteries, with 1.9 GW (1.1%) and other mechanical storage with 1.6 GW (0.9%).

Zimbabwe is destined to be second country in Africa with pumped storage, after South Africa.

Ngonyezi Projects is developing PSH projects in more than 10 countries in Sub-Sahara Africa.