Bearings International

In order to be able to offer a complete solution to its customers, Bearings International now stocks and supplies a comprehensive range of quality fasteners, including blind rivets, self-drilling screws, hexagonal nuts, bolts, and washers from FTS Boltworld.

Almost every bearing or power transmission application requires fasteners.

Ancillary products include anchors, grease nipples and roof sheeting fasteners, as well as specialised fasteners such as hook and straining eye bolts, u-bolts and gutter bolts, Bearings International Offer Marketing Manager Victor Strobel explains.

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“The main benefit for our customers is point-of-sale convenience. Bearings International can now offer them the full basket of products required for all their construction and maintenance needs, making us a favourable one-stop shop,” Strobel highlights.

Due to it being a popular consumable product used in most customer applications, across all industries and markets, the FTS Boltworld offering will be available across Bearings International’s 48-branch network countrywide.

“Our market research indicated a gap at our point-of-sale, where we can grow revenue sustainably and innovatively, as well as satisfy customers’ needs more holistically,” Strobel points out.

The latest offering also extends Bearings International’s synergy with the broader Hudaco Group.

Boltworld was acquired by group company FTS, with the new entity now known as FTS Boltworld.

It recently relocated into the same building as group company Rutherford in City Deep, Johannesburg, a distributor of Makita power tools, Mercury engines, and survey instrumentation.